Footswitch assignments lost after disconnection

If I assign some things to the footswitch, save the pedal board, then disconnect and reconnect the footswitch, those assignments are immediately lost! This is a serious inconvenience - basically it means that I cannot use the footswitch on a gig unless I bring my laptop along with me so that I can reassign functions to the footswitch after connecting it. So for me this is the #1 most significant bug with the footswitch right now.

I’m guessing this is also the case with MIDI learns? If so, it’s an even bigger problem.

I thought I had seen this reported elsewhere, but if so I can’t find it :-/ I even have a vague memory of expecting it to be fixed in an upcoming release, but it’s possible I imagined that.

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but whenever a pedalboard is loaded, the assignments are reinstated. so, booting up will re-connect assignments for the last pedalboard you were using, as will selecting a saved pedalboard in the onboard banks menu. so no worries about “untethered” use! :slight_smile:

Ah OK thanks, that’s good news! … but if it’s possible to restore the assignments when a pedalboard is loaded, surely it would be easy to fix it to restore them when the footswitch is reconnected too?

Any news on this? I still have to reload a pedalboard after disconnecting the ext. footswitch from the duo. Would be very conveniënt not having to that in a live gig situation.

no news on this or progress, attention went elsewhere.
at some point we (mod team) need to do a sprint all about control chain… things like these will make it a lot nice and more friendly to use.
I added a ticket to our backlog to make sure we do not forget.


@falkTX Has the team done any significant testing with using the control chain devices with the Duo X? Even though I’m more of a floor-stomper, the Duo X seems like it can be the ‘brains’ of my music setup that I’ve been hoping for. (Huge CPU bump, I/O and MIDI improvements, preset management)
However, I’d depend heavily on having one or two footswitches and an expression pedal connected. Ideally I’d go with all MOD gear rather than 3rd party MIDI devices - have you had a chance to test a setup like this (Duo X + Footswitch + Expression (+ 2nd Footswitch))?

(also, if the Duo X were sitting on a stand and the first device in the chain was on the floor 1 - 2 meters away, to make sure there’s no latency / timing issues across the wires)

tbh we did not make any extensive testing. mostly it was verifying that everything still works (detection, addressings and firmware updates)

the protocol and the code did not change at all from Duo to Duo X, so whatever works in one will work on the other (this includes bugs too :stuck_out_tongue:)
Since Duo X has more power and more cores, the issue of disconnected when CPU load is high should not happen.

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@Jan ran some tests and had good performance with up to eight footswitches (and a coffee machine):


Haha that is great news, thank you for the update!

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