Footswitch extension behaviour


i’ve been playing more with my footswitch extender, and am quite certain that it is behaving differently from the MOD Duo’s built-in footswitches:

–MOD Duo–

  • plugin ON/OFF controls (like main bypass switches, and the PLAY/PAUSE and RECORD buttons in sooperlooper): one press switches OFF, then another press switches ON
  • button controls (i.e. Bollie Delay TAP and the RESET, UNDO, and REDO buttons in sooperlooper): one press makes the button go down AND up (even if you hold it)

–Footswitch Extender–

  • plugin ON/OFF controls: same as MOD Duo
  • button controls: one press makes the button go down AND up (even if you hold it), then another press does NOTHING (i.e. each time you want to trigger the button action requires TWO presses)

…this makes the footswitch extender pretty useless for those button controls, and it’s confusing that they behave differently. is this intentional? if so, why?

Release 1.4.0-RC4 (Release Candidate 4)
SwitchTrigger4 (unstable) with Control Chain Footswitch Extension
New Peripherals Incoming - Beta Testing Phase

I see the issue. The footswitch is sending values like a toggle even if the parameter is a trigger.
So this is a firmware issue. We’ll fix it very soon.


@falkTX, FYI I am seeing the same issue also with the Arduino shield. It’s probably related to the same root cause or even the same lines of code.


Yes, the issue is on the Control Chain ‘slave’ code (used for devices).


I couldn’t reproduce this bug on my footswitch. What’s the version your footswitch shows when you plug it in?


1.4.0-RC4 looks like it fixes this issue for my footswitch extension.

one remaining question: shouldn’t the lights behave the same way on the footswitch extension as they do on the MOD? for switches like the main plugin bypasses, they do behave the same (OFF when bypassed, RED when active). however, for momentary buttons (i.e. TAP in Bollie Delay), on the MOD the light is GREEN when assigned and doesn’t change when toggled, but on the footswitch extension it’s never lit at all. is this by design? it’s a bit confusing “in the heat of battle” on stage. :stuck_out_tongue:


is there newer footswitch firmware?

but it’s not a problem any more with the MOD updated to


not by design, this is a bug.


I just released the 0.0.6
It should fix all the issues including the led color.


update went without any problems.
everything looks great.

now the only things that might still be nice are:

  • making the displays a bit brighter
  • adding some status info on the right end of the display, showing the value of the parameter being controlled, like on the Duo

…now on to more CC arduino shield R&D… :slight_smile: