Footswitch firmware won't update


I just upgraded to, and while the footswitch (currently on firmware 0.0.6) is recognised and works just fine, it won’t update to 0.2.2. It tells me that there is an update, but when I get to the dialog where it gives me the procedure, I unplug the footswitch, hold down the first pedal on the footswitch, reconnect it, and it just boots up as normal, with no firmware update process initiated. Am I doing something wrong?


are you sure it didn’t do it? it goes very quickly and you don’t see any confirmation, except when you look in the control chain dialogue in the GUI or re-boot the footswitch and watch the messages.


Yes I’m 100% sure because every time the footswitch is reconnected it still says firmware 0.0.6 and I have tried this about 10 times!


After holding down the first button you should connect the Footswitch to the MOD via USB cable.


nice catch, @ricardocrudo! :slight_smile:
hey, @aspiers… sorry i missed that detail in your post! :frowning:


Ahhh via USB cable! OK, that makes sense - had a nasty feeling I was missing something obvious. Perhaps this could be highlighted in the help dialog?