Footswitch issue

Hi guys!
I’ve received my second control chain footswitch. I installed it on my pedalboard, connected it to the first one one the chain ethernet plug. But now the first footswitch loose connection. I’ve to reload the pedalboard to make it work again.
Is it a known issue?
Is there some trick to make 2 footswitch work perfectly with the Mod Duo.

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How are you connecting these?

It should go like:
duo CC out -> CC1 main | CC1 next -> CC2 main

Yes that’s exactly what I’ve done.

The 2 footwitch have 0.3.0 firmware installed.

There are some cpu overload sometime, my pedalboard is ambitious for the Mod Duo. Could it be the reasons of those footwitch issues?

Yes. We need to make the CC have a longer timeout period.

You can try that right now, see if on a lighter pedalboard the issue is still there or not.

I tested to let the mod duo run without playing, so the cpu is around 78% load and hour later the footswitch is still connected. So I think that happens olyn when I play so the cpu load seems to be the problem.
But the second footwitch stay connected when the issue happens. Why?

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So I tested all possibilities and the issue is still here when I’m using 2 Footswitch.
There is no CPU overload, CPU is arround 60%.
It happens when I clic on a footswitch. I was thinking a footswitch was faulty so I swap them and it always happens to footswitch 2. Footswitch 1 is still connected
Is there any solution to this issue until the next update.
Can I try to use a ethernet switcher?
I have 2 footswitch and I can only use one, I feel a little scammed…

ethernet switcher wont work, as this is not used protocol but control chain.

seems like you found a bug, as it is surely a software issue.
I am sorry for that.

since v1.10 is about to be released, we will push for a fix on it.

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Thanks for your quick response.
So no one use 2 footswitch when testing beta ?
One more issue is that footswitch 2 button’s don’t work immediatly, plugin’s don’t respond, but footwitch LED’s are OK. I have to press them several time to make them work…that’s strange!

I will post the last version of my pedalboard in pedalboards section, so you can test it if you have 2 footswitch. Old versions are already there.