Forum downtime Wednesday January 3 19:30 UTC

Dear all,

First of all, Happy New Year!!!

Here at MOD we value security so we’d like to keep our public facing web applications as up to date as possible. The forum is one of those applications and we’d like to keep in pace with its release cycle as much as possible. Tonight at 19:30 UTC we’ve planned a maintenance window in which the forum software will be updated to the latest version. This can result in some short downtime, approx. 10 minutes. So if the forum doesn’t load around that time then don’t panic, just try again a bit later. Thanks for your understanding and keep rocking.


MOD Sysadmin

P.S. if you spot a security issue in our web applications then please let us know, it will be highly appreciated, possibly even rewarded depending on the scope and impact of the issue.


We’re fully up-to-date again!