Founders edition aesthetics

Sure sure, personally I liked this name the least but if it really was a literal majority (so more than all other votes combined) then I certainly shouldn’t complain. The people have spoken.

I just really don’t consider myself a founder of anything here. MOD was founded many years ago, the Dwarf is just product number x to come out. Nobody that pre-ordered the Dwarf has anything to do with Founding the company or the product.

But I will take @James interpretation then :wink:

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I understand and respect that. Just to be clear, there were 440 votes. 44,3% selected this option…I think it shows the “majority” that we are talking about.

I understand the point. This was more meant because without the crowdfunding support the Dwarf would never exist. And neither without the people that are in the 3rd window for so long and keep so patient waiting.

That’s the most correct one (actually @James mostly managed the process, I just helped put the word out and counting haha)

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Other names hidden to avoid breaking hearts :sweat_smile:


I don’t care what they look like just send me one already!!! Actually like the graphics.


Thanks for the feedback.
We want to ship them asap. Yet, can’t be “already” (if I got it well). Part of the reason for us to ask who really wants to get the Founders Edition is for us to understand how many of those enclosures should we produce. That means that they are about to start being coated and engraved (the enclosures).

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As a fellow tier 3 person, I’m happy with either version. Whichever find its way here fastest. The new design works for me!

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