Fuzz Face isn't fuzzy

Just received my Duo. The Guitarix Fuzz Face FM doesn’t produce any saturated distortion. All the control just act as clean volume controls. Is this a bug?

Hi @Tark

Could you share a pedalboard with your setting?

I use the FuzzFace FM a lot and love it :slight_smile:

Please check this pedalboard here: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/pedalboards/579698cc2564d4056beb1a65

For these GX stompbox modelers, because they are based on real circuits, it is important to pay attention to the input level that goes into the plugin.

If the LED from your guitar input is not getting yellow you need to pump it up a bit - by press and holding the left knob and going into Gains and Volumes - in order to get the fuzz effect.



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Hi Gianfranco,

I wondered if it was something like that. My expectation was that these virtual pedals would work just like the real thing. I know what to expect when I plug my guitar into a real Fuzz Face. I was further thrown by the Tube Screamer which seemed to distort as I expected.

I suppose, thinking about it, there is no way for the simulated Fuzz Face to include the guitars passive electronics in its input circuit and interact with it, as the real Fuzz Face does.

My patch was very simple - just the Fuzz in line.

I’ll experiment with the levels.

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