Gain Control Leak / Pedal Volume


So far I’m using external volume pedals which the Mod plugs on. However with the Mod Duo X I thought I would experiment changing volume through the knobs.
So I’m putting the Mod Gain effect, its gain goes for -40dB to 40dB, and link the knob to it (later I thought the Mod volume pedal would control that).
What I noticed is that it does not get to full silence, if I have a loop playing at -40dB I still hear it leak.
So… maybe I could add an effect on the output that kills anything which is very low, or switch to the TinyGain pedal and click for the mute: but it does not seem optimal.

I was wondering:

  • what set-up people use for the volume pedal ? assuming you are in fade-out to silence :smiley:
  • do you know of an effect that continuously goes from + dB to full silence ?


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I haven’t found a perfect solution for this so I too use an external volume pedal at the end of my pitch/gain channel (channel 1) into a volume pedal and a few external effects back into channel 2 for modulation, delay and reverb (basically running the volume pedal and a few specialized effects in a loop). I’m also curious what others might do here with the same issue.


One hack is to put another volume after it set to - 40db, and set the one assigned to the knob/CC to sweep all the way to to 40db. So at full they cancel each other out, and when fully off, it’s minus 80db…


really nice trick :smiley:

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