Gen questions - kill switch

I’m creating a basic gen package with the aim to create a kill switch pedal for the dwarf.

I’ve got my gen patch looking as below

My thinking is to have 2 inputs. 1 for Guitar and 1 for a parameter that can be mapped to a momentary stomp switch.

I uderstand for Gen the signal comes in sample by sample so it’s easy enough to just to set reciprical i.e. to momentarily kill the signal whilst the foot is on the switch.

Is my inital patch looking right? I tested it from max with cycle and it looks to work.

Should I push ahead with getting it on the DWARF to test? Is there anything else I should do to set up a parameter?

Once I get going I’ll share all code on github.


I’m still missing on my personal side to explore both Max gen~ and porting it into the MOD platform - I’m kind of experienced with Max and I guess I can start saying the same about MOD but still didn’t connect both worlds.
I would say that if you follow and thick all the boxes from here it should be fine to try port it into the MOD Dwarf.
Please report your findings with us :slight_smile:

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