Global tempo not translated to plugins when BPM mapped to an external MIDI knob


The global tempo is not translated to plugins if the speed is changed with an external midi knob, although the BPM is changed. If the speed is changed through the web UI, then it’s working.

How to reproduce

  1. Enable translate value to musical tempo in a plugin like modulay - time
  2. Set global tempo sync internal and map BPM to an external MIDI knob
  3. Change BPM with external MIDI. BPM is changed, but modulay - time not.
  4. Change BPM in mod-ui web. BPM is changed, and also modulay - time.

Expected/suggested solution

Changing global BPM with external MIDI modifies the translated musical tempo in the plugins assigned.

Additional information

Last Mod-ui from kxstudio repositories (hope my Kickstarter dwarf arrives soon :wink:

@fer thanks for reporting this. It is indeed a bug that we were not aware. The team will try to solve it asap

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I did not check this myself, but someone else did. Seems a bug only on the desktop version of mod-ui, not happening on the real device.

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Ok, thanks for checking! … another reason to look forward to my real dwarf :grinning:

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New Mod Duo X owner here, and I do find it pretty amazing that in 2021 these devices don’t have an easy way to sync all time related parameters to a division of host tempo/MIDI clock. Delays being the most obvious, but modulation speed is important as well. I hope this is being worked on as I think it would make these devices a lot more useful in the studio.

That would depend on the specific plugin. A developer may not care about synced delays, if you want a plugin that does this you have to actually code it to do so :slight_smile:

This is totally unrelated to the issue of this topic, btw.

A lot of the plugins actually have that feature. Anyway, on a lot of cases it’s a decision of developers and also how important it is for users. Probably the best would be to have both options. But again…it’s a developers decision.