Good footswitch for the MOD Duo


There’s a lot of options posted already below: but in case you’re interested in DIY electronics (I know not all are…) its relatively easy to get MIDI output from an Arduino, and use it with a MOD!

The lovely folks over at LMP even have a tutorial for building a sequcener:

The Arduino tutorial is good for understanding the basics:

I think the power of using an Arduino and building your own MIDI controller is huge - total control* over button layout, functionality and FX :smiley:

*some electronics / programming effort required :wink:



Can you use the actition 4 button midi foot switch for program change?


Hej Svein Erik, small world! :slight_smile:

You can read about the Actition here:

I only use it as on/off switches, but I guess you could cycle presets w one button, or possibly make each button do a “scene” within a pedalboard - haven’t tried that, though…

Good luck with your Mod Duo, it’s a wonderful pedal that just keeps on growing! :slight_smile: Bjarne


As already mentioned elsewhere on this forum, I’ve found that the MOD Duo works great with the KMI SoftStep 2 :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: Hei gamle mester! Så gøy at du også har denne :smile:

I just got the ActitioN 4 and it’s working fine with my Mod. Thanks for the tip!
I have not found a way to cycle presets yet. So I ended up making banks with 4 different pedalboards and use one button to recall each one of them.

Do you have any favorite plug-ins, Bjarne? I’d love to hear what you can do with it :sunglasses:

Kærlig Hilsen
Svein Erik


Sounds good, I’ll probably try that, too - making banks I mean…

I use just this one pedalboard most of the time, can’t be shared since it has a couple of unstable plugins, but here’s a screenshot:


Has anyone tried the Disaster Area DMC-4 Gen3? I’ve got and am having very little luck in getting it talking to my MOD Duo.


Personally I advise the Morningstar MC6


Are you using one now?


I am waiting for the mod duo x that I ordered. But for now I use it with the Line6 HX Stomp. It is a midi pedalboard very versatile and very simple to program.


Thanks! I’ve done a little more research into the MC6 and I really like the gui interface, among other things. I’m going to sell the DMC-4 and get the MC6. The price difference is not that great, and I’ve got several other things I need to sell also, so it’s really a no-brainer.

I’m sure I’ll be pestering the forum once I get the MC6!

Thanks again for your input.


A cheep option is the ART X15 Ultrafoot.
Has two modes.
One mode has labels like delay/reverb /distortion so its easy to match to mod duo boards and still remember what switch does what.
The other mode is program select which you can use to switch bank/presets


I just posted a related post here, regarding the old Zoom 9050 foot controller: