Gsynth Consolidated

I know this is in line with a bunch of requests regarding pedalboards within pedalboards, plugin groups, etc. But:

I think the guitar synth boards consolidated into singular plugins would make this approach to soundmaking far more accessible.

For those who love to tinker (me, myself, and I), the boards with dozens of cv modules are great. For those who want in and out however, they can seem a bit daunting. I came to this conclusion when I tried viewing the gsynth webpage from a newcomer’s perspective.


I would agree with this, but stretch it to more than “the ones who love to thinker”. I see that as a nice feature even to organizational purposes and to not have the screen so populated that my be daunting and make you judge the quality of the pedalboard - something like: “It doesn’t sound super nice yet an I have my screen full of plugins. I rather start again…Will not get there with this one”. And maybe you were actually in a good way and missed only a couple of things.
I see it a bit like the encapsulate on Max MSP.


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