GUI Feature Request

Something MISSING from the Browser UI is a virtual MOD pedalboard.
For instance: As I’m attempting to build my UI plan, I constantly have to move my attention back and forth between my Dwarf and my screen, and it’s a little counterproductive.
A better method (perhaps) would have a virtual Dwarf (Or DUO or whatever) on the GUI, to help with the process of placement of the necessary controls.
Also, the ability to then drag/drop the requested control to a corresponding virtual interface would really streamline the build process. There shouldn’t be quite such an extreme disconnect between the GUI and the pedal UI.


Interesting request and perhaps a good way to make the mapping system a bit easier. I mapped it on our requests :wink: thanks
I just can’t see exactly in what this has to do with USB. I guess that only the fact that it “recognizes” the device that you have connected via USB (no? Am I missing something?)

Absolutely what I was saying about ‘USB’ in that this was the interface used to connect to the GUI.
In retrospect, I should have maybe called it a GUI feature request.
Thank you for your response. -JDK

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You’re welcome and no worries.
So I got it totally correct.
If you think that something else makes more sense you can always change the title of the thread - but I will leave that decision to you :slight_smile:

Fixed it for you :slight_smile: