GuitarX - GxKnightFuzz

Hi @jesse

I’ve created a new Pedal simulation. The GxKnightFuzz:

This is a really nasty Fuzz Pedal, which act at lower/ moderate settings as a ultra dark fuzz, when settings get cranked up, it becomes more and more high harmonics. Really, really nasty. :skull:
The build script for the Mod plugin builder is here:



Super nice!
I love your Fuzz Pedals! :smiley:


Hi @brummer

That GUI looks absolutely stunning!

I have moved your request to the Plugin: Publishing category, because this is a new plugin. I would also like to get some community feedback on this plugin before promoting it into the official repository. If it sounds and behaves as well as it looks, then I suppose it won’t be long before it is promoted :wink:

Would you be so kind to follow the steps found in the pinned post in the Plugin: Publishing subcategory? (About the Plugin: Publishing category) We have created these guidelines to reduce the amount of time it takes for us to merge plugin updates into our ecosystem.

If there is anything unclear, please let me know, and I will try my best to assist. Thanks again for your work!


Hi @jesse

I’ve put a pull request for the update of GxSuperFuzz, GxKnightFuzz is now part of it.
However, as mentioned in the other thread, I wonder that there is no entry for any of the GxPlugins from my github repository in mod-lv2-data.

When I remember right, @falkTX told me once that this isn’t needed for the GxPlugins because they have any needed data inside the bundle.
Let me know if I should create a entry for them on the mod-lv2-data repository.


fwiw I’ve never messed with the mod-lv2-data, everything for infamous plugins was just taken care of by a PR to the plugin-builder repo.


Thanks for the pull request! The git commit ID in your pull request was outdated (no GUI yet), so I updated it to the git commit ID that has the modgui included for you.

I really like the sound of the KnightFuzz, if we can get 3 community members to also vouch for it then I will move it to the official repository straightaway.

@ssj71 and @brummer: with regards to the mod-lv2-data repository, you are correct, I will update the guidelines to reflect that not all plugins require mod-lv2-data to be updated if that data is kept upstream / no modifications are made to that data by the MOD team.


Thanks @jesse


I’m glade you like the Fuzz plugs I made. As a side note, I’ve a couple more plugs then announced here. For example I’ve made a simulation of the Maestro(*) Fz-1b (V2):

and the “follow up” of the Fz-1s:

the HeathKit:

running on my MOD DUO. Which I really love. Beside that I’ve a couple of classic fuzz pedal simulations which I’ve never announced anywhere.
Surely a couple of Fuzz plugs cover the same ground, and you’ve to be a fuzz lover to enjoy the (some times marginal) difference between the pedals, so I’m not sure about how many fuzz pedals I should promote to the MOD store.

To name some more pedals I’ve simulated, it’s the JenFuzz, the FuzzJade, the LaVache (by Madbean), the Demon and the DemonMojo.

All of this pedals has a slightly unique sound, but, to be honest, you’ve to be a fuzz lover to enjoy the uniqueness of them. Many people may come to the conclusion they are all the same shit. Therefore I’m unsure about which of them I should promote here.

However, @jesse I’ve no idea about how this voting system for “unstable” community plugs works, could you gime a hint how one could vote for a plug from unstable?


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How different are the controls? Perhaps you could include all three Fuzzesssssss into one plugin and make them switchable?

Well, have a look at the screeny’s yourself, you’ll notice the diff in the controls.
However, thanks for the suggestion, but I anyway ain’t think it’s a good way to go for a devices like the MOD (why should I load 3 plugs while I could only use one of them?)
So, I’ll promote my pedals here as separate plugs and we will see how far it goes.
Be prepared for the next Publishing. :love_you_gesture:



Some more distortion and overdrive simulations are very welcome too, if you have some nice ones of those up your sleeve?

With regards to the voting system: the idea is to first make a promotion request in the plugin promotion category. The users that are using the community plugins can express their thoughts on your plugin in the very same post. (If they need to add a 20dB gain in front of the plugin to get a nice result for example, this could be something we ask you to fix before promoting the plugin).

If enough people say that the plugin is working perfectly like they expect, and that they (or I) think it is a worthwhile addition to the official repository, then it will be promoted. (providing that the plugin fulfills the requirements for promotion of course)

I hope that answers your question, looking forward to your next publishing wave!



Ah, well, that’s embarrassing. Sorry, read your previous post on a slow 3G connection and did not wait for the images to load. I’ll definitely check out your plugins and provide feedback. The artwork alone is really cool! Perhaps, the HeathKit Guitarix label could be located a bit higher for better readability when it does not overlap with the skyline. Anyway… you’ll hear from me.

Well, so I gave the KnightFuzz a swirl… installation worked flawlessly and the plugin also behaved very well during the course of my test. Sound-wise I like it a lot: it has an interesting texture and less fizziness in the highs like some of the other Fuzzes do. At first the very dark lower range put me off (I was playing chords) but it works beautifully for single notes.

Criticism? Nothing important. Like other Guitarix plugins, the input needs to be a bit higher to achieve the intended effects (Tiny Gain to the rescue!). Also, the left knob label says input instead of drive or gain but that’s the only thing I would change. All in all a very cool pedal. Thanks for that, @brummer!


Thanks for your feedback, @eggsperde
Well, I’ll work on the input level, I’ve now a di-box with a attenuator (-20db, -40db) which may help me to refine the working range.



I’ve reworked the working range now to fit a level which is -20db below my input level, and filtered by a passive direct-input box.
I’ve done that for the KnightFuzz and as well for the Liquiddrive.
Pull request is setup:

I hope you could use it now, after @jesse have accepted the pull request) without the need of the tiny gain plug before.


Here is a example of GxKnightFuzz and GxLiquiddrive in use:

Much appreciated! I’ll wait for @jesse to accept your pull request and try again the Knightfuzz. Where does the name come from, by the way?

It’s a simulation of the vintage (60s) Knight Fuzz pedal :sunglasses:

Hi @brummer,

Thanks for the update. I have accepted your pull request and updated both the KnightFuzz and LiquidDrive.

@eggsperde, it would be great to get your feedback on them :slight_smile:

Have a nice monday everyone!



thats some gnarly heavy fuzz there! :metal:


Hi @jesse, will definitely check it out soon! But with all these discussions going on about unstable plugins, reviews and categories, I was wondering, if there is a catalogue of things I could pay attention to? It is very subjective anyway but perhaps we could define some slightly more objective categories?