Hi @jesseverhage

The SuperFuzz pedal simulation gets a update recently, would be nice if the Plugin in store could be updated to.
The Diode clipper part is re-calculated on the base of Germanium Diodes, which the SuperFuzz Pedal original use. In the current Pedal in the Store, a Silicon based model is in use, that’s why you need “super high gain” in order to make it work. With the latest update, the working range becomes more usable with the default MOD input/output volume settings.
The new revision number is




Hi @brummer

Thank you for the update, I would like to merge it into the MOD ecosystem as soon as possible.

Would you be so kind to follow the steps found in the pinned post in the Plugin: Updates subcategory? (About the Plugin: Updates category) We have created these guidelines to reduce the amount of time it takes for us to merge plugin updates into our ecosystem.

If there is anything unclear, please let me know, and I will try my best to assist. Thanks again for your work!



Hi @jesseverhage

Okay, I’ve put a pull request on the mod-plugin-builder here:

Just I can’t find and entry in the mod-lv2-data for one of my GxPlugins from the github repository. Surely they all comes with a MOD UI, a default preset and the rest of the requested entry’s.
Should I create a entry for them in the mod-lv2-data? Al required data comes with the plugin bundle anyway.




Thanks for the pull request, I have merged it and updated GxSuperFuzz accordingly, it sounds great!

You are correct, I will update the guidelines to reflect that not all plugins require mod-lv2-data to be updated if that data is kept upstream / no modifications are made to that data by the MOD team.