Handling headroom from ADC to DAC? How?


Hi @Nicola,

Since stick is a dual mono instrument, we tend to use a lot more cpu than a guitar player.
You can switch over the 256 frames for more CPU since it doesn’t have to work as hard. Access this function from the Settings screen (cog wheel at the bottom left of the screen) then select Advanced (left hand side of screen). In the Advanced screen you will find the option to run at 256 frames.

Some people report that it’s too much latency… but I haven’t had any issues with it.
Give it a try and see how it feels.


Well noted.

I managed to have a good dynamic and levels control with no need of the calf limiter.

I saw the 256 frames option. I think I can “hear” the latency at 128 so I’ll switch to 256 just in case I’ll absolutely need all that CPU power.

Now, with 2 compressors, 2 param eq, chorus on bass side, overdrive on melody side, two mono to stereo reverbs and two mono tyny gains, CPU is about 40%.

I just obtained a sound which is very near to what I like and actually want. I’ll start a discussion soon when sharing my pedalboard. :smiley:


All of this discussion makes me realise how much I love compression. As a bass player and former audio tech, it really can be the difference between a great mix and a mediocre one. Especially live…

Guitarists need to have enough dynamic range in their sound to give them options, bassists too… But I’d be worrying about the hell you’re giving your sound guy if your range is too big (especially if your sound changes are done with the volume knob which isn’t particularly predicts le) to try and keep the mix well balanced.

Personally, as a bassist, compression is the first thing in my rig, doesn’t touch soft notes but reins in hard notes (not the way they sound so much as their actual dB level) and that gives my sound guy a good solid sound to work with that sits pretty consistently in the mix across differently styles.

I would set your gains so that they hit that sweet spot on your amp, even if that means dropping or boosting mod output… But I’d also be trying to address dynamic shifts through presets or pedals instead of modulating guitar output with your volume knob.