Have to reboot Mod Dwarf for plugin changes to take effect

Writing a plugin on a linux laptop for the moddwarf. Been away from it for a few days but back to it and, after installing an upgrade of the Mod Dwarf system SW, I found that my changes didn’t appear to be getting to the Mod Dwarf. Been scratching my head and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. when I publish to the Mod Dwarf it tells me:

mod-plugin-builder$ ./build moddwarf myPlugin-publish
{“installed”: [“myPlugin”], “removed”: [“myPlugin”], “ok”: true}
All plugin bundles installed

So after struggling with it I powered down the Mod Dwarf and powered it up again. Hey Presto there’s my code as I expect it.

So it appears I now have to, ./build moddwarf myPlugin-publish, and then reboot the Mod Dwarf.

what changes are you talking about here? as in plugin behaviour on the DSP side, or GUI appearance?

You need to increment the (micro) version in the ttl file, as otherwise the UI may be loaded from cache.

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that was resolved quite some releases ago.
local files (not coming from the store) are never cached.

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I can’t confirm that. I had the same issue some times lately, related to UI changes as well as related to ttl changes, which I could solve by increment the micro version.
Still, that happen only sporadic, but then I could solve it by just increment the version in the already builded package and install it again.
But I can confirm that this behaviour have seen big improvements since I tried it first. :+1:

I’m not working on the UI, haven’t gotten to that part as yet so I’m changing the run() method.

I’m logging to a file to track what’s happening in me plugin. I was changing logged messages down a function hierarchy and trying to figure out why methods weren’t being called. Eventually after much searching I logged to the log file from the top level, the run() method and that line wasn’t getting logged to the file. Despite of the ‘publish’ command saying that it had published. Anyhow reboot the Mod Dwarf and my changes are there.

Maybe someone could check that my just adding a trace logging line to the run() method and see if it’s being published and executed.

I am removing the plugin from the active pedal board on the Mod Dwarf, so there is no conflict there.

I didn’t have this issue end of last year, but maybe I just didn’t notice it. Simple enough to verify and it might just be me and my logging to file

Actually on the necessity to reboot, it’d be easier if I could install the ‘shutdown’ command, and issue a ‘shutdown -r now’ command to reboot the Mod Dwarf and save me getting out of my swivel chair :wink:

I guess that’s not simple as there’s probably not a package manager in the Mod Dwarf.

Before you establish your reboot workaround, try to increment the version number in your ttl file. This woks for me in 100% when I update a local plug.