Help :) Freeze plugin without glitching...?

Hello everyone!

First of all a big hand for Mod Team! In my experience of playing guitar more than 20 years, I can say without any doubt that Mod Duo X is one of the most complex, complete and versatile guitar effect processors on the market. An innovative device that satisfies even the most demanding and sofisticated needs of studio and stage musicians. Thank you!

Sometimes I need the Freeze feature in my projects. The plugins that Mod Duo X provide with this feature have almost everytime lot of glitching. Is there any chance to have this feature improved in the future versions of the software? Or…does anyone know how to create a pedalboard with Freeze function using other combinations of plugins? I found a pedalboard created by the user Rom two months ago (and I thank him for it, I have saved the pedalboard in my device) which simulate Electro Harmonix freeze. But it is still not quite like the real freeze pedal. Any advice…? Thank you!


Please check MR Freez - it is a beta plugin, it works really good, quite similar as my Gamechanger Pedal Plus :wink: If you can not see beta plugins in Store you should go to MOD X settings>advanced>show beta plugin in the store.


Hey, Lukasz! Thank you so much, man! Really appreciate, I’ll try this beta plugin :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


It works much better than Stuck :wink:


Yes, I just tested it. Indeed, better than Stuck :wink:


You’re welcome !
It was just en exercise to learn CV, but it’s nice to learn that it has been useful ! I found the Mr Freez just after this, but I still keep my EH Freeze on my board for now, like you said it’s still way better !