Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!


Hey y’all!

I’m Mauricio, also known as Dwek (and several other aliases not worth mentioning :wink:
I’m a follower and supporter of the MOD ever since it was still a sparkle in Gianfranco’s eyes.
I’m a materials/chemical engineer that has been dabbling with production management and eco-design in academia for the last 6 years. I’ve also been working for an Arts and Sciences association (www.ana-h-ata.org) in France for some time now, getting my regular fix of creative and artistic endeavours as a sort of technical advisor and communicator.

As a melomaniac, clarinet owner and percussion amateur, I’m looking to explore the possibilities of the MOD and boldly go where no cuica player has gone before. As a fervent MOD evangelist, I have represented and presented the MOD in events here in Europe.

I am loving this forum and I have a lot of fun learning about what MOD use has been generating in the community.

Best from France,



Hello everyone,
My name is Emilio, guitar player and composer based in Berlin.
I knew about the MOD during the last Music Tech Fest, then I was invited by Gianfranco to test Duo in their amazing headquarter. I love the approach behind and I’m too curious to dig in it! I was just searching for a similar product for the upcoming performances. Cannot wait to definitively add it in the dream-toy set. I’ll share here all my thoughts and tips to let it sound awesome. Hail!




I just found the MOD Duo and ordered one. I’m a hobby musician and Linux user. I play mostly punk, rock and roll and metal. I’ve rewired my guitar to get stereo output and a nice full sound, but that means stage solutions are difficult. Autostatic has been answering my newb questions on linuxmusicians and ubuntu forums and I’ve been using falktx’s repos for years. I’ve been waiting for an embedded linux audio solution for a long time and I’m excited to see these two old hands working on such a project. Thanks for both of your guys help over the years, I’m glad to support a project that you’re involved in. MOD Duo looks awesome!


I’m a brazillian sound engineer and music producer living in Trondheim, Norway.

I work with sound restoration, but still playing sometimes (double bass, el bass, french horn, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass recorder and mellophone).

www.klarlyd.com (sound restoration)
www.youtube.com/celiobarros (musician and recording studio)


ps: my music label


Hello, I am Alain, electronic technician (telecom) I live in Belgium.
I play guitar as a hobby and use linux since more than 10 years ago
I am a member of linuxmao.org administrator team (french linuxmao forum)
I bought MOD DUO for the state of mind of the project and the phylosophy of open source particularly.


I’m Damien, living in Paris, and casually playing guitar in mainly two bands. One is fully acoustic with no effect, but the other one: organicsBrothers requires a lot of effect and looper, that’s why I pledged through Kickstarter for the Mod Duo.
I develop a bit, but mainly in javascript, so that will not help me to fork some LV2 plugins :frowning:
I just received it, and love it !




First, great to see and read about all the talented people who have posted in this thread, an interesting and varied group!

I’m Glen, I’ve had steady part-time work as a guitarist, vocalist and drummer for over 25 years in various bands, lately I’ve had the opportunity to form a band playing original blues-based material and was excited about the possibility of the MOD-Duo adding some more sounds and textures to my existing rig. I’m also involved in the Linux Audio community in my limited spare time as the maintainer of ‘AV Linux’ a ready-to-use Audio OS.

My website: http://www.bandshed.net/
My music: https://soundcloud.com/glen-macarthur


Just Hi! :smile:
(and we will see if some days MOD comes to me!)


Hi Everyone!

I just got my DUO a couple days ago and slowly starting to work my way through it.

I play the NS/Stick (a member of the Chapman Stick family). I’m hoping the DUO will be good for this stereo instrument (bass/melody sides are separate outputs).

The routing possibilities of the DUO is what really got me interested.

I look forward to contributing to the conversation to help improve the DUO.



Hello hello!

My name is Migle. I do marketing and content creation for MOD, very happy to be part of the team and such nice community, that has been building up around MOD Duo.
I played classical guitar since I’m 7 and been attending music school for 11 years. Before working at MOD I never tried any pedals or gear as I was learning only the classical things… But I am very excited about trying out more things with MOD Duo and learning a different way of creating music :slight_smile: And I hope one day to code at least one plugin as well!

Here also to answer your questions and help out anyway I can.

Best wishes,
MOD marketing girl


Hi… I’m Jim, and like many others, am an “amateur” musician (guitar, synths). Have a band (Contraband) that plays originals…occassional gigs. As primarily a guitarist, I’m on the eternal search for tone, which led me to find out about MOD. Just got my device, and am starting to explore. Look forward to sharing and learning more about this way cool tool!


Hi ! I’m Phil

Not a Mod Duo owner at now, but I surely glad to be one in a next future … Years I wait for such initiative with linux audio plugins …
I’m an electric guitarist, and since a few time, also a tube amp builder for musical instruments . And I thought since a while to integrate similar solution to some of my products .

Is there plans to develop such solution and/or possibilities to participate to, even if i’m not a digital electronic expert ?


My name is Helge, I live way to the north, in Norway, three hours from the Russian border. I love experimenting with sound, mainly with my guitar on my kxstudio box! But also with a lovely er-hu (Chinese two stringed instrument). In my freetime i grow garlic and walk my husky in our peaceful surroundings.
Really looking forward to recieve my mod :smile:
A big thank you for all inspiration posted here! And to the developers giving us this great tool! Warm greetings from the north


Hey all,

I’m Steve - a bass player from the UK - received my MOD last week, and within two days had ditched the Lexicon MPX-G2 I’d been using for 18 years :slight_smile:

I make music both solo and in collaboration with a host of other musicians - all of that is over at http://music.stevelawson.net - I’ll be posting some video of what I’m up to with the MOD asap :slight_smile:


Hello Everybody,

since i will recieve my MOD in the next days, it’s time you get to know me… :slight_smile:
i’m Dominik, saxophone player out of germany. Been playing for ~20 years, seriously for 4 years now (i’m not a professional but i play a lot in several bands and i earn some money with it. not enough to live from, but hey - i can afford a MOD :wink: )
Well, the sax is my main instrument - i also sing and play the piano a bit, i also produce but mainly for my own use.
For effects on my saxophone i have been using an old digitech vocal 300 (yes, vocal effect pedals are the go-to solution for horn players) and it did it’s job quite well. I found myself in a position where i had to decide to buy several seperate pedals (without harmonizer!) that would have had cost around 600$ or just preorder the MOD. No-brainer.
Also i will be able to expand my live playing style, using a small midi keyboard and adding vocal effects to my microphone. All-in-one… awesome.
Well, i guess you heard that part quite a lot…

I will try to use the MOD also for the harmonizers, with my old effect pedal i only hat the equivalent to the “capo”. I certainly hope the cpu won’t burn down. But i’m confident, i can work with what i get, still hoping there will be an upgrade-possibility (i.e. from the A20 to the A23) in the future.

As most users here are (naturally) are String Players, i will try to take my time to upload some pedalboards for horn players, as well contribute in everything that might be interesting for horn players. My first thing to-do for example is to solder some cables and adapters since i have to use a phantom power adaper for my sax clip-on mic, which has an balanced xlr output. That i will have to match to the unbalanced TS input.

Also i started fiddling around with Arduino some weeks ago. Looking forward to the Arduino Shield or the documentation to build one myself.

k, i think i will leave you to it. Sorry for droning on.
My first weekend with the MOD will be awesome! :grinning:


I’m Yan, play by hobbie, play guitar, bass, bell, triangle, clap and a little keyboard. I’m a composer, probably my only fan. I will use the MOD to record my songs and play with friends in our dirty little room.


Hi MOD-fellows

My name is Charly, I’m playing bass and since last thurstday I’m also a proud DUO user.
I bought the Duo because I’ve always been a pedal enthusiast. A few years ago i startet to build some pedals on my own, and since I have some experience in coding, i thought about switching to the software domain. Then in may i discoverd the MOD and now I’m eager to find out what i can do with this nice peace of hardware.

I’m also the bassist in a Stoner-Rock band and I plan to use the Duo exessively for some weird sounds.


Hi there!

I started my internship at MOD devices this week in the beautiful city of Berlin!

But let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jarno Verheesen. I am from the Netherlands and live in a small farmers town between the German and Belgium borders. I am 23 years of age and a third year Electrical Engineering student with a passion for music and audio equipment. My passion for electronics started around 5 years ago. I just got my first tube amp and wondered how those glass bulbs could produce such wonderful sounds. I started reading books and started to understand how they worked. I realized that I would spend most of my day playing around with electronics and decided to turn this hobby to the next step. I switched college from commercial management and marketing to mathematics and physics before starting electrical engineering. In those years I have designed and build many effect pedals and tube amplifiers. With good skills on an analogue level, I wanted to challenge myself and do more with software and embedded in combination with audio. This is where the MOD comes into play. I am very exited to join MOD and its community and work with this amazing product.

I will start working on expanding the family of switchboxes. More of that subject can be found in the plugins section or click this link: Audio and MIDI switchboxes

We will be in touch!

Jarno Verheesen


I’m David. I currently play about 13 instruments, the unique one is the ztar.
I play drums( djembe, cajon, conga, & bodhran) & guitar in Mystery Soda, guitar & cajon in Elemental Impressions. I play drums, cello, harp, double-bass & guitar in Whispers of Arcadia. I play Ztar, cello, keys, drums, various control surfaces & guitar in Elemental Orgy.
The mod duo allows me to make bank sets for each band which really helps since the genres range from celtic to ambient/electronica.
I was a programmer for many years and when the music season slows for winter, I plan on trying to get more wave manglers / glitch style of plugins going for the mod duo.