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Sounds just wonderful, Nicola!
Have a nice end of year and a good start of 2019!


I a programmer by day and hobby musician by later in the day. I am taking piano lessons which has led me to start piecing together gear to make more than just piano sounds using my roland a-70 midi controller and various vst instruments. I am not a DIY person per se, but I bought an axoloti and have been using it.
I read about mod devices in a story this morning about NAMM 2019 and the mod duo X.

It looks really interesting. I am extremely motivated to find dedicated open hardware like the duo X to host virtual instruments. Using my pc plus DAW is cumbersome and has high and unpredictable latency, and there is nothing beyond a certain point that can be done about it.
I have looked around a bit and done some googling and it seems that the mod duo x has some kind of limitation regarding what types of plugins are supported, meaning no vst.

Bit I can find examples of linux vst hosts like carla that can run several kinds of plugins. So could I compile carla ( just using it as an example) to run on the cortex arm a3 upon which the mod duo is deployed? In theory?

Just trying to get the lay of the land. I appreciate and will use free plugins or pay plugins, but it is highly desirable to be able to run existing vst plugins which already run under linux.

I believe this kind of system is the future and even the near present!


Hello. I do electronics and banjo mostly. I’ve been using the duo with piezo pickup on the banjo for some time now. I’ve also spent time building patches in gen and exporting to duo – I’ve hit some compile issues that I need to get help with… I’m currently trying to integrate the duo with a semi-modular setup. Hoping to build a control-chain to cv box that will provide a way to integrate with modular and expression on pedals.

Since I can’t create a new thread (why?!)…

…would appreciate any insight into whether the Shaduzlabs Synapse CV shield would work with the Mod CC shield. I’m going to give it a whirl…

(link redacted because I dont have permissions)



Hi @otter

Welcome to the MOD community! Great to hear about your experiences and experiments with the Duo.

I’ve changed your user level in the forum to see if you can now open your own thread and post your question on gen~ and CC-CV integration. Let me know if it doesn’t work.



I got the Mod Duo because I play different styles in the bands I’m in (Comedy rock, acoustic, blues, progressive, experimental, noise, techno, & others) so I need a pedal with lots of options.
I run guitar, keys & cello through a submix into the mod. (Will add vocals soon)
I have a data corrupter & Keeley Monteray (with wa pedal) hooked in the guitar/cello channels.
I have a pigtronics looper and a reverb on the Mod Duo output for additional ambient options. I have an Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer hooked to a second guitar before the submix.