Horrible Sound or No Audio With This Pedalboard


I have a pedalboard that always seems to mess up occasionally. It either results in a horrible loud crackling, or no audio at all. I also have experienced my Mod Duo X hanging at the logo screen since creating this pedalboard (which I am usually on when I boot up). I don’t know if that is related or not. I just updated to the latest release and I can’t get any good audio out of this pedalboard. When it works, I think it sounds great. :slight_smile: It seems to perhaps be the new Forward Audio cab…

How to reproduce

  1. Try to use this pedalboard - https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/pedalboards/5f3030051759b91b4a44b347
  2. If it works, reboot a couple times, or load a different pedalboard and reload this one

Additional information


OS: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox and Opera

@mark_melvin thank you for your report. We will have a look at the issue. I will give an update here once we know more.