How do I duplicate an effect?


How can I duplicate an effect when without having to create another one from scratch?

I tried right clicking, clicking the settings gear and also ctrl/shift + click and drag etc and don’t see anything regarding duplication. I would assume this already exists as it is such a core feature, but it doesn’t seem obvious if it does.


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Nope, but it has been requested many times.

It’s not super trivial to implement I think. Also do you think that the plugin should be copied with all the exact same settings/parameters?


That would be a great feature. I suggest a button in the settings which says “Duplicate to Board” which would bring up a dialog which shows a list of boards (including “New”) - then the effect with all settings (minus connections) would be put onto the destination board, just as would happen if you dragged a devices from the list onto a board (but instead of default settings - with the settings from the source board).


This is a great question. @ElijahLynn what are your thoughts on that?

Thanks, I think there should be an easy way to copy it with the same settings and also copy it without. I could see both situations being very useful. For example a really tweaked reverb that I like I would like to copy with current settings, but for a Tiny Gain I would want it to be reset.

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Maybe copy it with current settings but make resetting to default effortless. Like putting a reset button to the toolbar above the plugin

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That would be the default preset.

Some plugins are missing that, our fault for forgetting it in a small few.


Okay, that makes sense.
Still if loading the default preset or resetting the plugin could be done with one click (instead of opening up the config menu, selecting the default preset and closing the menu) the need for “duplicate w/o settings” wouldn’t be there. It could be just “duplicate w/ settings” and a second click on “reset plugin”.
For me, a “reset” button would be super useful even without the duplicate plugin option.

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I believe that blocks (a feature that will be released soon) will really help you out on this :wink:
Please ping this thread when the feature is ready and share with us your thoughts