How to change banks and bypass a pedal board using footswitch

Just got my Mod Duo a couple of days ago and finally started to play around with it yesterday. Sorry if this has been asked already, but I have 2 questions:

  1. is it possible to bypass the current pedalboard using a footswitch?

  2. is it possible to change banks using a footswitch? Just going from current to next or previous



  1. if that is a soft-bypass you can use a Switchbox with one of the channels directly connected to the output. The True-Bypass (Hardware + Software) is not yet addressable to the footswitches, but will soon.

  2. Not the banks, but the pedalboards inside a bank. By defaut it reads MIDI Channel 16, but that can be changed in the bank.



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Thanks, and again you guys did a great job with the Kickstarter campaign! I think I did the switchbox method, but it only mutes the pedals and doesn’t allow for the signal to pass through. Also, can you walk me through switching pedalboards within a bank?

I figured out switching banks… I’m a little disappointed in the delay in switching effects, hopefully this is just a software issue and not hardware related.

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hi @JEL

Yes. That is a software issue. The problem is that the plugins take some time to load into memorry.

As you might have noticed in the Banks window, you can also use the two footswitches in the controller to move up and down inside the bank.

Whe have in the roadmap an aptimization for that case which consists on pre-loading the next and the previous pedalboard’s plugins, but without making the connections. When pressing the foot then the connections are done - which is a almost instantaneous thing.

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@gianfranco, I have found that when a complex pedalboard is added to my bank, it really creates a lag when switching to it. For example, I have my Maxx Ambience pedalboard in a bank along with a basic setup (1 gain pedal and a reverb that is turned off) along with the Tubescreamer pedalboard and the Three-Channel Amp Metal. When I switch to the Three-Channel Amp Metal, it really takes a long time to load and in fact, when I switched away from it to a different pedalboard it really created a long lagtime. I had to turn off my Mod Duo to reset it.

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In other news, I figured out the best way to create a bypass in a bank. I put in a basic pedalboard with a gain pedal. Interestingly, you can’t save the basic pedalboard that first loads when using the Mod Duo for the first time (with just the 1 gain pedal), so I had to add a basic reverb pedal to save it. Anyway, I have this pedalboard in a bank with the switches turned off. Then I just cycle through the different pedalboards and then go back to the “bypass” pedalboard as necessary. It would be good, however, to have a true bypass function for all pedalboards so that you can switch more easily.