How to do a "delay line" in ms

Hi there,

new here, nice to meet you all!

I was wandering if is possible with some plugin to obtain a delay line is “ms”.

That the case: two bass signal, one direct and one from an amp sim with a 2.2ms of latency.

Wanna blend the two signal togheter in a Dwarf and add 2.2ms delay line on the direct so the two signal just lock in right phase each others.

I explored some plugins here but cannot find anything appropriate…am i missing something?

Thanks, G.


Hello :slight_smile: could you use one of the ‘normal’ delay plugins, but 100% wet mix and only 1 repeat?

Edit: for anyone coming to this late. @jon has the goods below…

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It can work but i need one i can set 2.2ms and do not color the sound in any way.

What you are searching for is on the beta plugins (and as always, testing on those is super welcome).
It’s also not categorized, so you will really need to search for the name.
So, first of all, enable beta plugins on the advanced settings of the WebGUI.
Second: type “No Delay Line” on the plugins search bar and install the plugin. It looks like this:

Third: Give it a try and tell us if it works for your needs :wink:

Important notes:

  • multiple the milliseconds you want by 48 since the plugin doesn’t take milliseconds
  • our host does not do PDC (plugin delay compensation), so that mode will do nothing.

Ohhh i see. Thanks i’ll give it a try a soon as possibile.

Thanks so much!!

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I would not have found this. Can the explanation of what the delay time is be added to the description? It uses samples, so multiply by 48?

It should be multiply by 48000 if plugin uses seconds, or 48 if milliseconds.
This is because the MOD units run at 48000Hz sample-rate, which means 48000 samples per second.

So 1 millisecond = 48 samples (or 1 second = 48000 samples)
So 2.2 milliseconds = x

x = 2.2 * 48 ~= 106 samples


Thanks for the clarification.

I feel strongly that many plug-in descriptions could use updating to include more details. This is a platform with an impressive depth of options, but it is reliant on users finding the plug-ins that suit their needs. I’m not sure what the best way is to achieve this, but I would be willing to help if there is a way to manage/contact the various plug-in authors.


We are having internal talks to start working more on that and find some time for it. You are totally right.
On another side on this particular case, we are talking about a beta plugin, so it’s normal that not everything is super aligned yet (even the description).