How to do basic initial testing of plugin on mac osx prior to hosting within mod device?

I have a mac osx machine that i built installed jack2 on. and have the MPB docker container. i’d like to make a plugin and test it a bit on my mac osx machine ( in combination with a docker container perhaps) before loading / testing it in the mod device itself
by doing something like

– building it ,
– hosting it on the mac somehow ( via mod-host & jack ? or some other way ? )
– and then sending the hosted plugin something like a mp3 file and hearing the output via my mac sound device ( via jack somehow i am assuming ). and ,if possible, maybe viewing the output stream via a software oscilloscope (jack ?) utility perhaps

i’m a retired unix software developer so i am comfortable programming etc.
but i have not done any audio programming before, so i’m not very familiar with jack, lv2, etc… yet.

if i really had to i might be able to scrounge a linux box to do the work. but i’d much prefer the mac os / docker route

thanks for any advice on this.

mod-host has a hard requirement on JACK, so you are going to need that.
there is JACK1 project on homebrew, but I do not know how well or bad it works. JACK2 is the recommended one to use at the moment.

if you have problems building JACK2 on macos, you can grab the test binaries at
I am working on those builds at the moment, hope to be able to finish the win/osx builds so that next JACK2 release can have them officially.

Anyway, once you have jack running, and mod-host compiled, you can start mod-host on the terminal and use its CLI commands to add, remove, and generally control the plugins.

Alternatively you can use something like Carla, which supports JACK and works in a way similar to mod-host but with a built-in gui

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thanks for the reply. i built jack2 ok ( i think it had a dependency on the aften library) but other than that no issues that i recall :slight_smile: … so i guess i’ll have a go at mod-host thanks.