How to improve the wiki

I’m attempting to get up to speed with the Duo, and as I learn things I notice places where the wiki is either empty or could use improvement.

It’s not obvious how community members can help with this… all of the pages are locked down and there doesn’t even appear to be a way for people to request access to propose changes. Am I missing something?


We will tackle this soon as part of the MOD Labs initiative :smiley:


Actually, I think that’s a mistake. The wiki is pretty poor, with lots of pages “being written” but no sign of any writing happening.

I appreciate that MOD wants to steer the ship, but making it impossible for community to improve the documentation is just unnecessary friction. And starting a new thing, rather than fixing the existing thing, will probably create confusion and frustration imo.

So unless “MOD Labs” is going to arrive soon with a public facing (no login) set of documentation that’s significantly better than the wiki, I’d think it would be better to just open the wiki and ask for contributions to improve it.