How to secure the Duo to a physical pedalboard without removing the feet?

I am trying to secure my Duo to a physical pedalboard…
How are other people doing it?

I want to be able to easily remove it for when I want to take just the Duo for times that I don’t need the other pedals. Also, I’d like to keep the rubber feet since I may be playing on a hardwood floor.

Here is a pic of my setup. Still needs to be wired up.


i use industrial-strength velcro for mounting all kinds of gear! although i haven’t yet mounted the MOD, that’s going to be my plan.

in order to keep the rubber feet, i’m thinking of installing a slightly raised surface which sits inside the dimensions of the rubber feet, with one half of the velcro on it. probably 1/8" plywood would be thick enough, given the thickness of the velcro itself, but i’d have to do some testing… and the velcro on the underside of the MOD shouldn’t be an issue for other usage, because the rubber feet would keep it off the surface the MOD is resting on.


This is what I’ve been thinking too.

Here is another idea. I wonder if the feet are too tall for it…

Check out 8:42

I use ZIP ties to secure my pedals including the MOD.


I use the links of bicycle chains. Here’s a very old pic of my pedalcase, you can see the links clearly underneath my Mostortions. Not very portable though :frowning:


@autostatic - I read about using the bike chain links in another forum. Was that you who posted it?..

@rogeriocouto - Do you have a pic showing where you put the straps around your Duo?

@Skydiver, which forum? Maybe I got it from there too :wink:

@autostatic - I did another search and found a couple forums showing it. I even came across this picture.

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Well I guess bike chain links are cheaper :wink:

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Here are some pics


I got some Scotch/3M Fasteners… about $15 for 4ft at Lowe’s Hardware Store. I also saw it at Home Depot. (picture below) I think it’s exactly the same as what they are using on the video. I put two small pieces back to back, like he does on the video, and tested on the green pedal (Fender Runaway) and it worked perfectly! The legs on it are about the same (maybe a little taller) as the legs on the Duo. I will try it on the Duo when I get home tonight.

This stuff really holds onto the soft Velcro so just a small amount is all you need.

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Can you take a photo of the specifications on the box?

There really isn’t much on the box… Just instructions…
Here is the link to the page at Lowe’s and there are some specifications there:

I hope this helps.

The box actually looks a little different in the store… Here is a pic of the one I bought.

Here I can´t find this specific box but only people selling linear meters of a narrower one.
So you will use it combined with a normal velcro soft side?

Yeah. I have the soft side of Velcro stuck on my pedalboard. This will stick to it.
I used to do the same trick with regular Velcro where I made a square with soft side on one side and harder side on the other. But it never really reached very far… This is just thicker and fills in that gap if the pedal has feet on it…
This stuff is strong… so I recommend very small pieces… you can always add more…
The video also talks about some tips and tricks.

Where are you located?

I´m located in Brasil.
I´ll try going to physical stores to look for this.

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This technique worked great for the Duo. I put three 1"x1" pieces all together. Two just inside the top two feet and one on the bottom center. I can lift my whole pedalboard from my duo…
I haven’t tried to pull it off yet because I want the adhesive to have plenty of time to stick.


That works like a charm!

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I just removed the rubber feet, my screws still fit without them.
Just added two stripes of velcro, works perfect.

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