I wish we had a chat room

Would be great to be able to talk live to other users to get tips and share knowledge.


Yeah or YT live Session with creating smth from beginning and FAQ time :slight_smile:

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Maybe Discord server is the way to go, super fexible for live video sessions too.


Thanks man.

Hello @riverrat, @wiazek and @redcloud,
have you looked at this topic?

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Who created this? I was not aware of such a thing… better to not assume it is official.

Anyone with experience setting up a matrix-irc bridge?

I created it right now, if some of you guys at MOD wants ownership just ask me. I will add UNOFFICIAL in the name or description.


Thanks man I hadn’t. This is perfect.

We have been talking about creating a discord chat for a while.
It seems really good especially now with so many new users coming with the Dwarf.
The main problem is simply with our focus/time to pay attention for one more channel. I guess that is what tends to delay us on that.
Maybe an “official” channel where the users super active and simply one chat called something like “talk with the team” would be the best. With no strings attached on how fast we would be able to answer. What do you think about the idea?

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Personally I would completely ignore any Discord chat. I’m 100% satisfied with this forum + IRC chatroom for any MOD related conversations.