Iframe as plugin modgui?

Just wondering what others think of the idea, having a mini plugin that does not do any audio or midi but allows to have a browser iframe within its modgui.
We could integrate it nicely by having the current iframe URL saved as plugin state, so presets would load different pages (and of course, the state/url is saved together with the pedalboard).

Maybe someone wants to have an online video playing within the pedalboard for practice. Maybe embed some useful resource or web app. So I see a few possible useful scenarios for such a thing.

I cannot upload videos on the forum, but recorded a quick and dirty test by modifying an existing modgui and replacing it with an iframe to youtube.
(maybe the forum is smart enough to show the above link embed on the post? there is no audio on the video btw)

Does this sound useful to you?
Do you have any extra ideas of things to add to make such a plugin more useful?


It might be a powerful practice tool if we were able to bind keystrokes to the footswitches etc. that would be sent to the site (I don’t know if this is possible). Various sites provide keyboard shortcuts to control video (play/pause, seek backward, etc.) Here are the YouTube shortcuts (from Googling this I just learned the < and > increase and decrease playback speed- Nice!!!). Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube - YouTube Help


good idea in theory, but not sure if it works in practice.
sending a key event typically is restricted to user-initiated actions, as a bot-prevention measure.
I will have to try it, dont really know the answer right now.

page scrolling through a knob should always be doable though


Yes, a great idea for practice. It would be nice to be able to loop sections so you can concentrate on the really hard bits!


if you mean youtube, I am not sure you can do looping. but maybe something to try out on a v2 of the plugin.
getting this to work first would be a first step.
there seems to be enough interest, and such a plugin is stupid simple to do.


sorry but how is that related to placing an iframe?

It was just an idea, never mind. Thought an iframe could handle that, but maybe I was wrong.

But without audio?

correct. audio is coming from the browser if using an iframe, I dont know of a way to send that audio somewhere else, the browser is is control of it and not the page.

For videos, I do not find it particularly useful as the same effect can be achieved via picture-in-picture functionality (at least in Firefox). But having access to tab sites like ultimate-guitar.com would be a welcome feature. They even have controls for scrolling through their tabs… and no other platform besides moddevices has such an option. I guess, I like the idea. :+1:


Seems very useful IMO, especially if there were a way to display this iframe content on another device, like mirroring to a Chromecast or separate monitor or projector. Perhaps send these iframe commands to a PC or a browser on a Raspberry Pi? Having the display or an iframe output on a larger/external display could be even more useful. Perhaps sent as python API blobs within a midi sysex and decoded with a small app on a PC/Linux host? Certainly outside your original proposal, an extrapolation.


I can’t wait for my Mod Duo to arrive so i can experiment with this feature. I think that it will find many uses as users experiment with it more.