I'm still loosing you

Great setup!
I think that I will bought a Morningstar MC8 before they solve issue with multiple ModFootswitch. It’s been 1 year now until I started to report issues with multiple ModFootswitch.
Now ModFootswitch are no more on their website are there are always issues.
So I think it smell bad for this device, nobody seems to be really carefull about using multiple Mod Footswitch.


I hope MOD team will do something with that, you spent a lot of money for 3 MOD F units and they seem to be chainable…
It is a really usfull unit (modf) but they should put an exp input - it would be ideal then.


I bought 3 mod footswitch because the selling point is that you can chain 4 unit!
IMidi footswitch is an alternative but it’s missing visual feedback. It works only in one way.


Can you provide a link to Imidi footswitch?

Hi @julien,

I’m sorry your experience with the MOD Footswitch has been poor and we certainly want people to focus on their music, not reporting issues!

I believe we spoke in another thread before about some bugs with the MOD Footswitch, and I know that some bugs are fixed in update 0.4.0
That is the firmware you are running on your MOD Footswitch right?

From your statements here, one of the MOD Footswitches seems to disconnect, does this happen randomly, or when preforming certain actions?
I’ll make sure to investigate this shortly. From my previous tests, I did not notice any issues.

I can also give some insights on a few topics:

I’ll make sure to have a chat about this with the team, but definitely agree this is a shortcoming

This was mostly done for the 1.11 update. For 1.12 we are aiming to have most things in sync again. I recently spend time porting quite some new features to the DuoX and we will soon start working on the next ControlChain update :slight_smile:

The main reason for this is that we cant produce them right now. The current semiconductor market is a real pain, and some critical components for the MOD Footswitch are not available right now.

Actually, we tested things up to 8 units :wink:
But this number doesn’t really matter if things don’t work smoothly, and this is for sure something we want to improve on (and are aiming to do so still in Q1 2022).

Also, if you experienced any other ControlChain related issues, please let me know so we can take care of those in the next update as well!


Hi @Jan
Thanks for your interest.
Actually all 3 Mod Footswitch are on version 0.4.1 so the last one I presume.
I can’t use 3 Mod footswitch at the same time, as soon as I click shortly twice or more on one footswitch it loose connection.
With 2 Mod Footswitch it’s more stable but it frequently loose connection even if I don’t use it. I must restart the device many time in a day. I can’t use interesting function like assigning preset list to a footswitch because it rapidly loose connection too.
So with two Mod Footswitch the better is to use only basic footswitch function.
I think the less it use data the better it is.
With 1 Foot Mod footswitch I have no issue.
Those Mod Footswitch are esssential I think for guitarist , Midi can’t beat it because it doesn’t permit midi feedback like led status or preset name.
I hope I could keep 3 Mod footswitch and it will work one day :pray:


I don’t know if that can help you but that’s often the first Mod Footswitch in the chain that loose connection.

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Yes, it can.

perhaps if the priorities were different, you or other users were asking why the graphics are bad and then when you dig deep you can do so much (although this is also somehow true in the paltform). Think about it like Windows and MS-DOS.
Also, since the MOD Quadra (the real first thing it was released with MOD) a lot happened with the company, I believe…I joined not so long time ago, so I can’t say it exactly, but that it’s just normal. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of plans sucessfully implemented and others failed, a lot of conditions/requirements from stake holders to keep supporting the project, etc. If all decisions are or were correct? That is and will always be questionable everywhere.
I can’t say that I don’t understand a lot of the questions that you guys (@Julien, @Matt and @Gino) are raising. As a user I agree with a fair amount of them. As a user I even have a fair amount of requests that - in my prespective - would make the MOD platform something completely asides of anything else, way more advanced in what I personally believe will be the future and even way more usefull for my personal needs. But that’s exactly it…my personal opinion that I can’t estrapolate to all the users of one platform (and looking from inside now, for me they are not so little).
Arguable, I can as well point a lot of issues in other solutions available in the market. As you @Matt, before getting my hand on a MOD, I also tried a lot of tools and mostly worked with digital ones for my guitar sound. And I even got pretty satisfied with a lot of them. But I also saw downsides on all of them. As I also see on MOD. All of them have different downsides and things that make me ask the questions that you @Gino asked like “How is possible that they put this thing in the market without this functionality?!”. As an example: how is possible that TC Electronics put the Flashback in the market with a MIDI in and out and not allowing to map the parameters with CC?!
But each company and product has its reasons to not have feature X or Y or even lack a bit of quality in A or B. Either it is for the niche target they mostly aim, either it is because of a small team, either it is for lack of skills on specific subject or because budget is not being allocated on that specific thing for a myriad of reasons.
Something that we at MOD always try to give our users is a lot of pairs of “ears” (figuratively). We try to learn the way each of you uses the devices, the requests that each of you has, the flaws you find…and we try to address them one by one with answers and solutions. There’s nothing that hurts us more that the need to use the sentence “that unfortunately is not possible”. This is one of our streghts but in other end is also one of our weaknesses. Although I can’t feel that we care a lot on the second.
My point here is: MOD is an improving platform with an incredible huge potential for guitar/bass players, synth players, singers, experimental musicians, etc. Is that potential realized in all the prespectives? No, I don’t think so. I think we are growing like a star in multiple directions, what also has its good and bad sides, but hopefully in the future our synth users will complain a bit less on some lacks, so will our guitar users, our experimental musicians, etc.
We are a small team and that constrains us a bit. But I’m not seeing how an Helix could bring so many benefits to a synth player or vocalist as a MOD device. As I’m not seing how an MPC can bring so many benefits to a guitarist as a MOD device.

@Julien also what you are reporting on the disconnecting footwitches may really help us a lot! I had that experience myself but with one footswitch and one arduino shield. I reported it, but I’m not sure if someone else had time to check that setup and I didn’t insist because I felt that it could be something on my arduino code or circuit. What you are reporting is exactly the same issue but with Footwitches. So I would say that is an issue with the Control Chain library.


You said it all.
I love the Mod Device universe.
You guys have done a great device. Certainly the most promising in guitarist effect universe.
Sometimes I would like my Mod Duo X to be as practical with routing than a Helix. But I know that with my Mod duo I can get a sound that I will never had with a Helix.
Just now I was tweaking my ambiant pedalboard in the Mod Duo, using a Collision drive, the fabulous TTAP delay, the fantastic Shiroverb MKII, and I was saying “damn that sounds good with just those 3 effect!”.
Just missing more snapshot options, a stereo send and return, multiple Mod Footswitches support, a simple user friendly GUI for tablet, but I already love it like that.


Thank you for the nice words :slight_smile:

If we keep your support and we keep having a great community sooner or later that will happen for sure. Either exactly as you described or using your feedback, but will happen :slight_smile:

@jon Thank you for your reply here and bringing some much needed perspective - at least for me. The Dwarf is slowly but surely turning me into an Ambient sound fanatic and I’ve never really tried to do any of that before! It is making me look askance at my synths and almost thinking, “What do I need you for?” This is really saying something.

For the most part, I am actually really really enjoying creating new sounds on the Dwarf.
Now, it’s just managing and manipulating (in real time. You know what I mean) those new sounds that gives me fits. It seems that the price I have to pay for all of the enjoyment in creating these new sounds for myself is irritation. That’s all I will say.


I already listen to what you are doing / where you are getting and really sounds nice :slight_smile:

Oversimplifying a bit and putting a MOD device on a comparable setup with a DAW/software and a MIDI controller, that’s what always pissed me off on that kind of setup. And I really love MIDI controllers. The versatility is just amazing! But sometimes I just hate them because I need to map every single thing one by one while I want to make music! Somehow, the versatility is also what I hate on it. The search for a solution that makes sense for this is a quest on its own. The versatility of the MOD platform makes it fall in this type of issue/challenge as well. We are looking into ways to improve this experience and hopefully, in the future, it will be smoother.

I can also tell you that the way that you have been asking around here or somehow complaining about the lack of simple features that actually exist is making me wonder how can we better promote the documentation and learning process about the platform for the users or even better educate/inform the users about such things. It’s understandable that stuff that is obvious for us and for long-term users is not for new users. And, as I think all of you understand, we want to attract new users. Suggestions here are more than welcome!

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I’m coming at this as a keyboard player (my first set-up was an Atari 1040 and C-Lab Notator) who has always played a little guitar. I custom built a guitar last year and spend an age making sure I got an effect unit that could avoid the need for an amp/cab, do weird modulation effects, loops, and get me away from the computer (MainStage) and into actually playing.

Would love it if the Mod had more footswitches… apart from that I just love it and am playing more than programming.


I think Mod Devices need more “how to” video, as a sound ingeneer that’s the first thing I’m looking for when I’m stuck with a device.


I can’t leave some sentences here like this. The Mod platform is an open source platform. The system lives just from the fact that many developers participate in the development. Of course, then some plug-ins may not quite fit together, are differently loud and of different quality. But that’s the core of the Mod system: Create an incredible number of possibilities for comparatively little money and involve many people in the development. Just typical OpenSource. I myself use a lot of OpenSource and not the easier to use commercial products, such as Gimp / Photoshop. But I don’t compare Gimp with Photoshop, because it is a completely different story, which I don’t even have to pay for. 500, - € for a Dwarf, with the possibilities, guys! I paid here only the hardware, because it specific hardware is needed. The plug-ins are for free up to low-price (where do you get a Shimmer Reverb with the possibilities for 10,- €?). With Line6 I pay for less possibilities a multiple of it. Who needs it polished is wrong here from my point of view. I find the Mod system unique, absolutely inspiring and I like to deal with it and sometimes also do a beta test, why not. After all, it’s for a good cause!


Cool one :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more! In fact, we have been talking quite a lot about this and video content in general.


Very pretty! Congrats!

Nowhere that I know of.

That’s the goal and spirit – and I need to follow you there.

@jon, if we were to make a list of major fumbles in music hardware/software, we’d write an encyclopedia. I’ll give you just one here: Logic Pro blocking PC messages on channel 1 (forcing you to use VSTs/AUs with other channels) and doing away with CC messages 120 to 127 – whenever you needed to stop all sound you needed to send 128 note off messages on all 16 channels, a total of 2048 messages as opposed to a single CC123 message.


I hear your frustration - in my case I knew Dwarf didn’t have EXP support when I ordered it and wasn’t bothered because I didn’t think I’d want to use it that way - but as it’s turned out it’s such a capable device that I wanted to add EXP control after all.

I also wanted to add a +1 to Julien’s recommendation of the MIDI Solutions pedal-to-MIDI converter and (since I managed to pick both devices up used and fairly cheaply on eBay) use it with the MIDI Solutions power supply.

My Dwarf sits on a Pedaltrain board and the two MIDI Solutions devices hide underneath; so not much space taken up. I use them with a Roland EXP pedal I had lying around and have to say it works great!

I hope you find a solution that works for you.


Wlecome to the forum, @MattGallagher

Your setup seems pretty neat. If you’re able and willing, please share some pictures of it.

Indeed, Midi Solution gear is top notch. Not super cheap but not too expensive either, and highly dependable.


I usually have free time during my days, and I’m no longer tied up with my regular life.

If you have questions about the device, I’d have no issues working on solutions and posting a video for you and others.