Is there a peak meter with a hold?

One thing that matters a lot to me is keeping levels consistent and controlling dynamics. There are a few compressors and limiters to choose from, so I test, use my ears, and later on find myself tweaking and re-tweaking parameters way too often.

My pedalboards are complex - with a variety of signal sources, both internal and external.

I always slap a volume plug-in in front of, and after, any compressor to see the level meter. Dynamics plugins are not standardized in the parameter ranges they use, or how they work - which is to be expected. But what I really need is a peak meter which will hold on the peaks - let me visually see that this signal was peaking at -6db, and on the output of the compressor -2db.

The current volume plug-ins which show the level are insufficient for anything like this, they flicker at the speed of the signal. I need to freeze the peaks like some mixers do.

Is there anything which does this which I have overlooked?
If not, consider this a feature request - it seems like an easy thing to make, which is why I assume Iā€™m just missing something.


Level Meter



There it is - bam!


yeah, most of my boards have 3 or 4 of these just sitting in a corner, which i connect to various points in the signal chain as i need to check gainstaging. :+1: