Issues with Transitioning Mod Duo X to new iMac

Hi guys, I have unboxed a new iMac today and have set up my Mod Duo X on the new system, although am getting a very sluggish interface with the GUI and unable to see PlugIns or Run Software Update.

Any Ideas?

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When you say the GUI is sluggish, do you mean that manipulating items on the pedalboard is slow, or that loading a pedalboard is slow? Can you give more details? I plugged in a Dwarf to an M1 Mac mini and the Web UI seems to be on par with (but a bit faster) performance of other linux-based PCs I’m using it with.

The Mini is running OS 12.5.1 and I tried the web UI with Firefox and Safari.

As far as the plugin store and update are concerned, if you don’t already have the plugins downloaded, you won’t be able to get them until MOD gets the store back up and running per the above post.