It's possible to download pedalboards outside Mod-Duo?


as far as I know, it’s not possible to download pedalboards or use the store from a mod-ui installation on a desktop Pc or other devices (Raspberry Pi…)

so does it exists a simple way to access the pedalboards available in official site for those who don’t own a Duo?

I’ve found a dir inside mod-lv2-data repo, but I think is outdated.



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You can rebuild them

Reassembling many / most of them from the descriptions is possible, though you wouldn’t have the author’s presets. Many of the screenshots appear to be missing connections, or broken, or empty, so it wouldn’t be trivial.

@madmaxwell How many would you like to try? If you send a list of pedalboard links I could install them and then .zip them up for you.

Theoretically I think there shouldn’t be much (technically) preventing making the community pedalboards available for general download, as they’re just text files. I assume the MOD team wants to protect the user experience, and the installer works to make sure all the required plugins will be available. I mean, they may have valid business / IP reasons for not making the community pedalboard (definitions) more easily accessible, or it just hasn’t been a need yet. AFAICT it could be possible to have a public directory and/or versioned repository with the community pedalboards.