JackNet crashes when sending Midi


I’m using my Dwarf for a couple of month now and I am really impressed by the endless possibilities of this platform.

However, I have encountered a problem when using JackNet. I use JackNet to record audio from the Dwarf on my Linux Laptop with Reaper. During recording I’m sending Midi Messages to the Dwarf over JackNet to control snapshots and effects. When the buffer size of the audio server of the Dwarf is set to 256, everything is working fine. If I set the buffer size to 128, JackNet crashes every time I send a PC message to change snapshots.

Is there a possibility to fix this? Because a buffer size of 256 is to big for recording for me. Any help would be appreciated.

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Why not use zita-a2j to get audio from the dwarf into your jack and reaper session?

This is what I use to connect to my DuoX in usb-device mode.