Jacks coming undone. Suggesting better in/out jacks


In the last couple weeks I’ve had three of the 1/4 inch jack nuts come off.
I used a socket to screw them back in and find that it’s very easy to over-tighten these.

I almost lost the nut and plastic washer yesterday when I was showing it to another Stick player. My friend happen to see the washer and nut on the ground as we were leaving.

Is it necessary to use the plastic type?
I suggest upgrading to a sturdier type.

Has anyone else been having the same issue?

I didn’t see a category for hardware issues so I am using the “Uncategorized” category…


Hi Skydiver,

I think this is a known issue, some MODs had a thread mismatch which was a jack manufacturer mixup, see my last post here for more details: Faulty Footswitch #2?


Thanks for pointing our your post. I thought I read about it somewhere and couldn’t find it.

I will reach out to MOD to get the correct inserts.


Hi @Skydiver

As @GMaq already told you, there was this confusion with the jack inserts because of different thread sizes from Neutrik and Rean

On the left side is the Rean - with the finer thread - and on the right is the Neutrik with the coarser thread.

Which one and how many do you need?



Hi @gianfranco

I have the Rean version with the finer thread. Looks exactly like the one on the left.

I need five to replace all the in/out jacks.




Just to confirm, you need five of the Neutrik type?


Yes. Please send me five of the Neutrik type.


They will be posted tomorrow :slight_smile: