Jamming over internet with MOD Duo


I’m a Linux user and i bought a MOD Duo recently. I 've read a good part of the wiki and have searched the forum about jamming over internet with Ninjam or Jamulus.

Here is what i 've found on the forum : Use Duo for online jamming

Is there an LV2 plugin or a way to connect to Ninjam or Jamulus server with the MOD Duo connected to a network box via USB to jam with other musician over internet ?

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I do not know of such a plugin, but one very important thing to take into consideration is that the MOD never connects to the internet directly.
When installing plugins and software updates, the browser (on the pc or similar) is the one connecting to the internet and downloading things. The “trick” is passing these files into the MOD over the USB connection.
A plugin running inside the unit cannot ping or reach the outside world, but it can reach the computer connected to it.
So any solution would require a middle layer between the computer’s internet and the MOD unit (this means the MOD needs to be always connected to a computer in order to have any chances to get online)