Keeping two MOD Devices in sync

Is there (or will there be) a way to keep two MOD Devices in sync regarding the pluggins and pedalboards they hold ?

For instance, when I get my Dwarf, I wish I can simply transfer all the stuff I have installed on my MOD onto it.

By the way : what would happen if a user plugs two MOD devices together via USB ?

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I am curious about this as well. In my set up I have audio files, loops and such in the Mod Duo X, so I use it as my midi master, and everything sounds good. Due to the variable nature of midi sync, when I’ve tested having the Mod Duo X as a midi slave, the audio files and loops don’t always have seamless transitions. So If I wanted to double up and get a second Mod Duo X - could I keep two of these in sync? Like audio file bitrate sync.

Not 100% sure if I got what you want to achieve. But besides MIDI sync, you can use the SPDIF out from one of the DuoX and input it in the other. As the devices use the same bitrate it must work with no problems.
Is this a way to solve what you want to achieve?

Isn’t spdif out-only? -> Duo X User Guide - MOD Wiki

Yes it is. Sorry if I was not clear. I meant input it on the 2 “normal” inputs of the other DuoX

Er, spdif is a digital signal, the inputs are analog.

Yeah, I think the Spdif isn’t sync related.

I’m thinking of how an audio file in the new Audio File plug-in must keep it’s sync with some master clock. If you have an 80bpm 4bar sample, it will stay in sync with the transport and not start in a weird place. This is an awesome feature.

Is there any way two Mod Duo X’s can keep their Audio File plug-ins in sync - my assumption is that this cannot be done. Certainly using Midi to sync one Mod Duo X to another would not be enough to keep two audio players in sync, because even with one, midi sync is too loose for this to work nicely.

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if they are on the same network, you can just use ableton link.
this is supported on the MOD platform.

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I’ve never used Ableton link. I assume you get each Mod Device to join a wireless network and then the two devices would be in sync - no computer required?

I wouldnt recommend to try WiFi for precise timings, it seems like the sorta thing WiFi was not made for.

the best case scenario would be 2 different pcs on a LAN connection, each with its own MOD unit.

alternatively it would be to have the MOD supporting connecting another unit to itself and have it synced time via its usb ethernet.
this is not something we ever tested though, so likely doesnt work in practice.


Good info to know.

My entire intent with using the Mod is to never have a computer on stage. So if I wanted to sync/link two of them I would need to use ethernet, but that feature isn’t fully built out yet. I assume users with two Mods is a very very niche thing, so I understand if syncing two of them is not a top priority. I was just checking to see if it was an existing feature.

it is an interesting concept. at least to keep units in sync regarding timing.
actually, now I recall we do already have the drivers needed for this. during factory test phase the units have usb port connected to itself, in loopback mode, so in order to test this the drivers for the network are already in place.

let me give this a quick try…
EDIT: doesnt work… while I can ssh into device 1 and then into device 2, with link activated there is no sync happening. will need further testing at some point.


Thanks for checking into this. As I mentioned, I do think it’s a very very niche thing, certainly not as exciting as new plug-ins ! :smiley:

Er… well the original subject of this thread was not about “synchronizing” midi or audio, but about having all my pedalboards and their settings being kept identical between my different MOD devices.

If I create a pedalboard on my Duo, I would love to be able to have it also on my Dwarf straight away. Same if I change some settings on one of them, it would be cool to have that change moved to the other one.

In fact, it would be super cool to be able to Git the pedalboard repo of my Mod somehow. I guess having a git client installed on the Mod might be an overkill, but maybe mounting the MOD pedalboard folder on my PC via sshfs could allow me to do that somehow.

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Maybe rsync is an option too?
More complex to setup, but once done it should work…

Good idea! However I also like the idea of being able to track versions of pedalboards.

Keep a git repo on your computer for versioning changes and use rsync for push/pull between devices. Let us know if you need help, it should be possible to come up with a few shell scripts / aliases to help automate. For example:

modsync pull dwarf - would rsync from the device to the local git repo, and make a commit
modsync pull dwarf "DadRock board now goes to 11" - same as above with custom commit msg
modsync push duo - rsync from local repo to the device
modsync push - rsync to all connected devices
modsync syncfrom dwarf - first do a pull from the device, then sync to all connected devices


For the “not as well versed in Linux shell commands” of us, since the latest ModOS release has a “File Manager”, wouldn’t it be easier to simply have an “Import/Export” feature for pedalboards ?

Files on the computer could have, let’s say, a “.MPB” (for Mod Pedal Board) extension.

This way, we would be easily able to save to computer and also be able to load pedalboard into another Mod Device.

I intend to leave my Mod Duo at home and use my Dwarf in the band’s rehearsal studio. This would allow to easily keep my 2 units at par with my pedalboards.


Yes, you can use the existing backup / restore feature to copy to a USB stick and move files around