Limiter on mod-host

Hello there,

I yesterday had the issue, that my latest plugin sporadically had an off-by-one, that made it read random stuff outside the buffer and thus it produced loud noise. Fortunately, my guitar amp wasn’t connected at that point, otherwise I’d probably need a new one.

Anyway, to avoid plugins going bonkers to kill any hardware, what do you think about mod-host limiting anything at a threshold of - let’s say - +12 dbfs, just for safety?

Of course, that doesn’t replace proper plugin testing. :wink:


I have been putting a limiter at the end of my pedalboard for this exact reason. It also ensures that I will not overload the DA converters.

Although it’s dangerous, I like the possibility of sound processing that can break speakers. But yeah, a limiter would be a good idea.

I just discovered this exact issue with one of the Rakarrak plugins - it emits a horrific white noise blast at about +40db when you open any patch with it in. I’ve deleted it from the board, obviously :slight_smile: (will update this post with the name of the plugin later, so everyone else can avoid it too :wink: )


does it only happen when you load a patch with the plugin, not when you add the plugin? I’ll try to fix it if you can get me more details.

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