Local Environment for Duo

I’ve added some requested features to mindi and would like to get a few of my other infamous plugins into the MOD ecosystem. I updated my mod-plugin-builder to the latest master branch but now when I run local.env modduo it says bash: plugins-dep/configs/modduo_defconfig: No such file or directory

Any advice? The local build environment was so convenient. It really sped things up quite a bit.

EDIT: p.s. once we figure it out we can update the wiki https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/How_To_Build_and_Deploy_LV2_Plugin_to_MOD_Duo

you need to be in the mod-plugin-builder dir in order to source the file.
I could not find a way in bash to know the real path of the sourcing script ($0 refers to the main process when sourced) so there is that restriction…

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Ah, ok. I can work with that. Thanks, man!