Long press function on the Softstep - tip :)

Hey all, just came up with a really useful way of using the Softstep with the sooperlooper in the Duo(X) - on the softstep I’ve got all my footswitches set to toggle 127/0 on different CCs with ‘foot on’ as the trigger. On one button I’ve now added ‘long press’ and a different CC. For that one I’ve assigned the ‘foot on’ CC to play/pause in the looper, and so long as you assign that one first, you can then assign the long press to reset. So the looper can now have a stop with a restart (at the moment it won’t retrigger, but hopefully we’ll get that soon :slight_smile: ) but you can also wipe it easily and start again without sacrificing another button!

As a related point, it would be great to have long press as an option for the MOD Footswitch - is that part of the Control Chain protocol anyway? I’d love to be able to do this same set up with the MOD footswitch (the board has three different loopers on it, two controlled via the MOD footswitch and this last one via the Softstep :slight_smile:


…while I’m here, has anyone got any other suggestions for functions that can be stacked musically for ‘foot on’ and ‘long press’? The problem I guess is that ‘foot on’ will trigger before ‘long press’, but you could get round that and have two completely separate functions on a single button by using ‘double tap’ instead of foot on, so long as you didn’t need single hit timing accuracy! double tap and long press shouldn’t have any trigger overlap…

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Hey Steve! You mean like foot-on would be trigger reverb and then long press could double the room size, or start delay and then long press could tail it off? Or like stacked effects? The Kaos pad effect of always ending a modulation with a deteriorating delay could be something to emulate?


That would be doable, but i think you’d have to assign the CC controller with an expression pedal and then assign the footswitch to the same CC and set it to output two specific values.

You might be ale to use one of the pressure sensors coupled to an on/off pedal too… That could get exciting :slight_smile: