Long-press functions for DWARF footswitches?

Hi, being new to the DWARF I noticed that footswitch A is used to cycle through pages and only footswitches B and C can be freely assigned in the pedalboard editor while footswitch A can’t.
This way, we only have two assignable footswitches per page, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could navigate through pages by pressing longer on the footswitches (for example page-up by long-pressing footswitch B and page-down by long-pressing footswitch C) or vice versa? This way, footswitch A could be freely assignable and we would have 3 assignable footswitches per page.
Of course, this would make switching multiple pages slower due to the long-presses but on the other hand it would add the possibility to navigate pages in both directions which would take us quicker from let’s say page 8 to page 7 instead of going 8->1->2->3…->7.

What do you think about additional long-press A,B,C switch functionality on the DWARF?


Great idea !
If we could have long press for each switch we could have more controls available par page. We could add double-press (like Morningstar controllers) :

  • press A
  • long press A
  • double press A
  • press B
  • long press B
  • double press B
  • press C
  • long press C
  • double press C

Long press conflicts with the “momentary” modes added in v1.10.
For buttons (duox) and footswitches (duo and dwarf) one can have toggle-style parameters working in momentary mode, so that position-at-rest is OFF, while pressed is ON. (or vice-versa for “momentary off” mode)


Thanks for your reply @falkTX.
I see your point. Didn’t discover the momentary mode yet. Maybe consider long press for footswitch A only? It could be used to switch pages backwards.


The other thing is that an effect will activate on the press down so if you press and hold then your effect will come on until the long press is detected and then switch off which is jarring.

The alternative would be activation on footswitch release but that’s not good for timing

The suggestion about long press on footswitch A is interesting though

Thanks for your attention. Indeed, activation on footswitch release would be required in order to avoid two consecutive actions. While it’s not as immediate as activation on footswitch press, it has been available and well accepted on other devices like Fractal Audio floor units for example. I understand though that it‘s not a viable solution for everyone and probably would require an additional settings section in order to be activated or deactivated by the user. Maybe it’s not worth the effort.

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I’m also interested! In my case, if I have more than two pages, I’ve starting to press wrong footswitch and do wrong things :sweat_smile::grimacing:. But if I’ve the possibility to use the (A) too, two pages will be sufficient for me.

I bought an external midi footswitch controller to try to do less miss “foot” steps.

I’ve an alternative:

We have three footswitches.

Currently, on the Control Mode, they works like:

  • (A) changes the current page of the control mode;
  • (B) changes the current state of an effect¹;
  • (C) changes the current state of an effect;
  • (A) + (B): go to turner
  • (B) + (C): switches between control and navigation mode

I purpose an “expanded mode” by applying the following changes:

  • (A) changes the current page of an effect (like (B) and (C));
  • (A) + (B) short press: go to the previous page
  • (A) + (B) long press: go to turner
  • (B) + (C) short press: go to the next page
  • (B) + (C) long press: switches between control/navigation mode

I think that we didn’t get some conflict here, because apparently isn’t possible to long press both neighbor footswitches at the same time, right? Because of the action precedence, right?

The biggest problem apparently is a possible relabeling of the (A)
image. A “gambiarra” (workaround) for this situation is add an option in the configuration to enable/disable the “expanded mode”, then, the icon in (A) will continue to make sense :sweat_smile:

My inspiration was by Zoom G3:

On its initial version, in a patch (its equivalent pedalboard) there was only possible to put three effects. Each effect can be switched between on/off state with their correspondent footswitch.

After some months, the Zoom company launched a update where now is possible to load six effects in a patch. And instead press the 1+2 footswitches and 2+3 footswitches to change the current pedalboard, its now scrolls between the effects view

Fun fact: Zoom didn’t “relabel” the new Zoom G3 equipment after this change.

¹ I’m simplifying here. I know that it’s possible assign the snapshot changes and other things.

Merry Christmas for all!


About long press in footswitch A (which could work at release), I also think it would be very interesting for example for:

  • moves 1 page backward and keeps this backward mode during a time, like 5s

  • if an option subpages is enable, changes to subpages 2. Let say we have 8 pages used, short press footswitch A rotates in pages 1 to 4. If we long press, then we go to page 5 and next short press rotates on page 5 to 8.

Apart from that, of course the 3 effect switch mode would be very interesting. Is is planned for release 1.12 or before? An external midi pedal to change pages will be perfect, as no feedback status is needed (you already have the led colours and display)

Regards, Fer

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This could be cool but then if you wanted to go forward again you would have to wait 5 seconds which could be annoying

Subpages are not extra pages (5-8) but they are pages of knob controls within a selected page so it’s more like pages 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc
Subpages are only used for knobs which you need to touch with your hands anyway so there’s no reason for sub pages to be controlled by foot. In fact I would actively discourage that

Actually, we wanted to have this available at the initial release but there had already been a lot of work done with pagination so that to do this would require a lot more development time. It’s not planned for 1.12 at this stage

This is definitely an option but we would always try to make it possible to do everything from the device without the need for an accessory

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I think I didn’t explain myself, I was not referring to knob subpages… perhaps I used a wrong name or at least an already used one. What I meant is to separate the switch pages in two groups. In these way all pages are accessible in less presses. Long press goes to page 5 or 1, short press goes to next page and back to 5 or 1. Also what I think is interesting is that you could have for example the effect pages in the first group and loop switches in the second group and it will be accessible faster.

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Ahh okay, I get you now. It’s an interesting idea. I would just be worried that it could be confusing to people and one of our main criticisms currently is that the device takes a long time to learn to use