Looking for advice on the right distortion plug-in to try

Hey MODsters

So I feel that we have an “embarrassment of riches” with plug-ins in general, but distortion pedals in particular - there are so many choices. (Which is obviously awesome).

So to help me pare down the learning curve possibly, I thought I would canvas for any input from the community among guitarists most specifically (but maybe bassists too) as to which of the available distortion plug-ins you would recommend to a newb such as Yours Truly for achieving a really super sweet, smooth, singing kind of tone, and by that description I have in mind players like Alan Holdsworth (who, I’m told, used a J. Rockett h/w pedal that is no longer available) and Robert Fripp (who reportedly uses or has used a ProCo Ratt). My ears tend to be averse to nasty, dirty grunge (although, strangely, I like listening to Sun O))) records when I’m in the mood) and for playing, I prefer that sweeter sustain kind of sound.

Any suggestions on that much appreciated.

Frank in Vancouver

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Same here. My ‘Gold Standard’ is BB King ‘Live at the Regal’ and Eric Clapton on ‘Crossroads’ from the 'Wheels of Fire" album. Haven’t come close to that with anything - pedal, plug-in or other - that does the job. Only a maxed out champ, princeton reverb or deluxe reverb or the original Blues Jr. have done that for me. We’re headed there, I think, but we’re not there yet.