Looking for midi Sync and new looper


i,m new to this forum and want to ask the folks here about a new looper plugin with extended features , related to the upcoming midi sync and general bpm features .

Would´t it be great to have a looper that syncs to external midi clock and has scalable length ( 5/4, 7/4 …) ?

here is a video i made with Pigtronix Infinity looper , delay by Line 6 m9 and a Boss Slicer , all midi syncd to a hardware midiclock ( Molten Voltage Tempode )

all this gear could be replaced with the Mod Duo , i hope …

… that there are some developer with similar interest …

would be happy to beta test , haha

greetings from Cologne


I’m not a developer but I’ve been asking for this from day one…

I think it’s going to be a progression of updates. First the global BPM. Then the plugins will have to be updated. Someone will have to come up with a looper plugin that will do what you want…

I used to use multiple DigiTech Jamman solo/express Xt and sync them together. I had a looper for each instrument, bass, guitar, vocals. Had one with drum loops. I let the drum loops go and everything else synced to it.
I also use a drum/groove machine and would love to sync to it…

That’s the first time I’ve seen the Vootar. I play the NS/Stick which has a lot of similarity with it…


Hello Skydiver,

this workaround with Jamman came also to my mind , but there has to better way ( with Mod Duo …)

let´s join our “forces” in public demand and convince one incautious developer to build that advanced looper

when global BPM is available …

Maybe it will happen when the Mod devices app store is established .




+1 :slight_smile:


do you guys know when there will be midi click sync and global bpm for the mod duo ?


Likely in v1.5, but no promises.


is there a way we can speed up the process ? what kind of core programming is needed … ?
… just asking

midi clock sync and global bpm features are essential to me , but i want a thing like the Duo
( …badly )


This is coming as soon as possible, but first we want to focus on the control chain devices (which were promised on the kickstart campain).
As soon as the control chain stuff is fully working, we’ll resume the work for the global bpm and sync.


Thank You ,
please try to keep your promises ( … but not like the Donald )


Aware that a lot of people ask for MIDI-related features, I’d just like to take a counter position: great, that control chain functionality is a priority for the MOD team.


their software stack is open source (on github), so if you have the skills you can pitch in and make a pull request.


i checked github , but i don´t have the skills …

what exactly is a pull request ? , Haha

so i will wait for global bpm and an advanced syncable looper


while I think this is rhetorical, I’ll answer anyway :slight_smile:
its a way for open source projects to accept contributions to their code. They don’t want to let just anybody put whatever they want in the code, so instead contributors change the code on their own and then make a “request” that their changes get “pulled” into the main codebase for everybody to use. It works really well.

But without some knowledge of code, there’s not a lot you can do with that. There may still be ways to help out, like thorough testing of plugins in the unstable category and reports on what you find and if they should be moved to stable.


ssj71 , thank you for the explanation , i like the idea of open source and shared effort , but as i said , zero coding skills here .
i would love to beta test new Mod Duo stuff( like an advanced midi syncable looper) and i´m not afraid of the unstable category in general ,
infact i already talked to Gianfranco about receiving a early version of a Mod Duo with global bpm support to chime in suggestions and make a video like this :


Hello Mod Users , are there any news in the looping area , a new looper perhaps , who is also waiting for global bpm and external sync ?

did write harryhaaren [en.Harry (OpenAV) is a moderator]
Harry (OpenAV) the looper that we all need ?

here is another video i made with Pigtronix Infinity looper , delay by Line 6 m9 and a Boss Slicer , all midi syncd to a hardware midiclock ( Molten Voltage Tempode )
all this gear could be replaced with the Mod Duo , i hope …


is there any new looper plugin in Mod Duo , anyone …?


…check this thread: https://forum.moddevices.com/t/looper-ditto-x2/293/72


is there any progress in in Mod Duo in regard of midi clock sync and general bpm

and are there videos of the loopor plugin ?


This will come in the next software update (v1.5).
The current soon-to-be-released one, v1.4, focuses mostly on control chain.