Looking for midi Sync and new looper


Yes !!!

i have 3 hardware looper ( Infinity, Ditto x 4 and Rc 202) that i want to replace with Mod Duo …


I’ve just been considering starting to work on writing a new software looper. I’ve recently started practicing and experimenting with SooperLooper and while it seems quite capable and flexible, it also has not received updates in a few years now.

I’ve been a developer for 15+ years and have a few year stretch of C++ in there somewhere. I don’t know much about audio programming yet, but AFAICT anything DSP-related I might encounter would be covered by an existing library. My motivations would be:

  • Learning new things, dust off some long forgotten knowledge
  • Start a new audio tool that could be useful for others, and one I’ll use for myself regularly
  • Explore / experiment with different user interfaces, streamlining workflow, make things user-customizable, etc. (for example, SooperLooper is kind of cluttered and rigid)


yes , please do it , we need a looper plugin with reverse , double and half speed , scalable loop length ( 7/4 , 5/4, 12/8 etc ) and of course quantize start stop and midi sync …


SooperLooper has long been my looper of choice, so i’d be delighted if there was something on the MOD that implemented some of it’s features!

the feature list from @413ha sounds pretty good… i’d only add continuously variable speed (not only 2x and 4x).

we’ll have global BPM available on the MOD in v1.5. until then, is it possible to sync to incoming MIDI clock? :slight_smile:


It appears SooperLooper has a complicated development history. The documentation says the standalone JACK client can sync to both MIDI clock and the JACK transport. I have a hunch the global tempo feature in >= 1.5 might use the JACK transport.

The LV2 plugin by @falkTX which was forked from another author who based their work on the LADSPA plugin, which existed prior to the JACK client. It seems like this could be an interesting project for me. Anyone already working on it?


The LV2 fork was done by the MOD team, not me.
bgola is a previous member of the team as well, I believe he started some initial tests and then the code as moved to the moddevices github team page (at the time called portalmod actually)


I forked and branched the repo and stubbed out as much as I can without a proper dev toolchain setup. Building this plugin for my device would probably be the next best step. I’m on macOS primarily but I have Docker so I think I can use your image?

UPDATE: I got the dev toolchain running on macOS via Docker. I built my stubbed out changes and the code compiles. I think the next step is to install the mod-sdk so I can view GUI changes prior to deploying to my device?

UPDATE: I got the sdk installed and implemented a sync button for sooperlooper.lv2. It’s not bound to any global tempo functionality but I have the tooling together to go from design to development to build to debug in each direction. I’m going to take this off the forum. I’ll be publishing my work at this github repo


Sup 413ha, I’m digging your guitar tone. very mellow.

Also, how is the Molten as a Midi control? I was between buying Molten Voltage, or the Midinome. decided on the midinome because it looked smaller and it also sends a metronome click besides midi signal.


Hi everyone

To let you all know, we’re working on a sync looper that shall be released in the upcoming weeks :wink:


great news, @gianfranco! :sunglasses:


The problem with a looper in the Mod Duo ecosystem is the limitation of foot switch assignments. A looper needs record, playback, undo, redo, stop/erase functions. With the foot switch extension, we can assign most of these functions to their pedals. But to have a second independent loop, you’ll need to add another looper to the pedalboard and an extra foot switch.

There are also limitations of fixed loop length (based on 1st loop recorded), and playback volume being added to by each successive overdub added to the loop.


Relative to having no looper, there are still some useful cases even with limited functionality. However I came to the same conclusions you did and ended up getting another piece of hardware (Boss RC-300, I love it so far!)


This is where came the idea to be able to use a USB joystick as an extra button provider. The current setting in the MOD makes the joystick buttons send notes instead of CCs though. If someone has a look at the nooice source code on git hub, they will see the current MOD version alongside my own. That shows how to turn buttons into CC message senders.

Then it is possible to cross-compile it for the MOD


Isn’t there a modi utility in the mod to reassign notes to CC? Maybe I’m mistaken.