Looper - Addressing Duo buttons to Undo/Redo doesn't work properly


I’ve just been experimenting with assigning the undo/redo buttons on the MOD Looper pedal to the two footswitches on the Duo, and am finding that they trigger twice - once when you press it and once when you release it - so you always go back two layers, and quite often that means that the Redo doesn’t work at all… It seems really tricky to get it to do anything with any consistency. Operating them via the virtual buttons on the web UI works as expected…

How to reproduce

Load up the looper plugin (MOD’s own one) assign the footswitches to undo/redo, try it.

Expected/suggested solution

Just one message sent per button push, please :slight_smile:

Additional information

(latest versions of everything, I think - 1.8 RC5 - just upgraded in case it was caused by the version of 1.7 I was using)

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Mac OS this time, but usually Windows
  • System version: OS10.12 on Mac, Win 10 on PC…

(while we’re here, PLEASE can we have a version of this plug-in that has a wet/dry switch - my biggest need, if such a thing exists, from the Duo is a looper that has no through signal. Oh, and a stereo version, and ultimately one with feedback control and multiply, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves :wink: )


what about Loopor?.. i haven’t played with it, but notice it’s got a “dry amount” control.

maybe?? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unless it’s been updated there’s a thing with how it handles overdubbing that broke it for me (I think that’s the one that stops overdubbing at the loop boundary, which makes no sense to me at all…)

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aha. :frowning:

I remember the triggers working correctly in old MOD versions, I wonder if this is a regression…
@Jan can you verify?

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Oh this is indeed my bad!
There have been some changes to the footswitches to support list pagination and actuator group’s where I must have mixed something up! Luckily I already suspect exactly which line of code is causing this :wink:

Sorry for the hassle and thanks for catching this bug before the 1.8 stable release! It will be fixed there!


great, thanks for diagnosing this so quickly guys! :slight_smile:

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