Looper - Ditto X2


Actually I have come to the same conclusion in the meantime :slight_smile: . I will make sure the first version is really polished and covers the “normal” needs really well. And then at some point add the “crazy” version. I will probably call it “Rex Loopor”…


ever used the full software SooperLooper? http://essej.net/sooperlooper/

…that’s what I’m most familiar with.

w.r.t. speed, each loop is basically like a piece of tape. whatever you’re doing (record, playback, overdub), the speed control just changes the rate. any changes you make can get very weirdly cumulative, depending on when you choose to do it.

a global speed control like that would be useful, along with whatever else you implement. an option like that would be my vote.

thanks for all your work, @Stevie!


@Stevie plugin has been added to non-stable now.

Thanks for all the work so far!
Let me know when an update is needed.


No sorry, not familiar with it. I use Cubase and for that the SooperLooper is not available. And I am familiar with Ditto. I looked at the documentation of what it does, but it is really light on details… I will dig a bit more.


Thanks, will do!


Hi @falkTX, turned out, there was still a discrepancy between my local version and the github version (name of the .so). I fixed that, downloaded and built from scratch and tested it to work. Please redeploy. Sorry for the hassle.


No problem, updated now.


Thanks, now everything works!


Real quick feedback on the Loopor plugin: I installed it, played around with it for 5 minutes all by itself (nothing else on the pedalboard), and tested the basic functionality on some very short loops (one channel). I was able to get it to work. I can hear a lightly audible pop at the end/beginning of each loop.

Frankly, as far as functionality goes, some sort of quantizing or BPM is really the only thing I can think of that I’d like to see when it’s available (1.5?). You could stop developing this now and just address any bugs or stability issues that turn up, and I’d be satisfied- this definitely could be that simple version you mentioned above. The Duo should have a single button, no nonsense looper, so the second button can be used for something else, and Loopor does just that.

I’ll try some more involved stuff with it in the coming days, with both channels (easy enough on a Chapman Stick) and on busier pedalboards.

Good work, thanks!!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, appreciated! With some playing around I was able to reproduce the slight pop you mention. I avoid the click by blending in the loop in the beginning and blend it out at the end. This was done over 32 samples. Just don’t want to cut off any wanted transients. And also didn’t want to cause spikes when ending the loop where the blend is baked into the dub. I changed it to 64 samples and was not able to reproduce any slight popping anymore. Still transients seem to be okay and I also observed no CPU load spikes. So I guess I will push that for others to try.

Let me know what else you may find. If I don’t hear anything else I will ask to upload the updated version (which now also has some basic UI).


by mistake I assigned the dub to the left MOD footswitch,
only to discover it works very well, indeed…

  • sort of like the small Ditto 1-button, was this intended?

1st click starts recording (w/autostart)
2nd click is close loop: play (first play also still records, though…?)
further clicks: overdub
A double-click: stops & erase all.

so, in effect:
a 1-button looper - very nice! :slight_smile:


sounds sweet… gotta play with it tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Looking for midi Sync and new looper

The 1-button looper is absolutely intended! But just to be clear, the “activate” and “dub” buttons are very similar. Both will start recording when clicked and finish recording when clicked while recording is active. Both also will reset on double click. The only difference is that the “dub” button after finishing any active recording will immediately start recording the next dub (but will obey a threshold).So you can choose whatever you prefer.

Note that if and as soon it becomes possible to record long presses of a button I will use that as well to make it even more 1-button capable.


@Stevie thanks a lot for this great work, it’s really inspiring
I was a bit confused at first to guess when it was recording or not, when I understood the instruction it worked out well (especially those from your github).
I think sometimes I get lost and wished there was a visual to know if it’s recording or not.
Also if the loop is nice, the possibility to download/ upload it would be great, but that’s probably out-of-scope ?

thanks again



so I assigned Activate to MOD: Footswitch 1

  • everything works wonderfully,
    exactly the way you’d expect

  • “Ditto” behaviour, very nice, indeed!

  • but assigning it to FootEx: Foot #1
    does not work at all, no threshold action,
    button behaviour random, or…?
    …how come?

What’s the difference?
I guess it’s nothing to do with the plugin - Loopor
but there’s a difference in footswitch behaviour,
please inform what to do to make:

FootEx: Foot #1 behave like MOD: Footswitch 1


Hi @leDamien, glad that it works fine for you! And I agree that the lack of visual feedback makes using it a bit hard. I wish I could light an LED or push something to the display. But at the moment I think I can’t. @falkTX, can you confirm that?

Well actually I think I could, there is a little script on the Mod named mod_led or so which allows me to control the LEDs. But I guess that’s not really wanted, right?


Hi @broupe, I don’t have the FootEx, so I cannot test. But just to be sure: You do need to have a new firmware, right?


Yes, I do, and I have …

  • though I don’t think it’s the Loopor that’s the issue - only it’s a perfect example where timing differences is crucial, and especially between the two footswitch options (MOD Duo & FootSwitch)

I also have a generic MIDI footswitch, and the timing is delayed on that, too - but that is to be expected.


Hello guys! Any news about the development of This plugin ?


Hi @rogeriocouto, the plugin is working and has been released on the non-stable a while ago. The one thing lacking is just the sophisticated UI (which I do not really miss). Apart from that I don’t know of any bugs. Also at this point I am not planning to add features, unless someone is asking for something. What I would like to have is the LED support, but that’s not possible, now.