Looper - Ditto X2


Hello @Stevie
I´ll give it a try.
But I´m interested in knowing what is preventing the plugin to be released as a stable. Is it the lack of the UI?


The lack of custom UI is the main reason yes.
No plugin will ever get to stable using the fallback tuna-can design.


It makes sense. The tuna-can looks terrible. :wink:
@Stevie can you make a simple UI ?


Hello guys!
I´ve just visited the Loopor page at GitHub and it seems that @Stevie has uploaded a basic GUI about 4 months ago.
Not shure if it´s finished though.

I think the Loopor could be a very nice addition to the stable plugins.



Hi @rogeriocouto, sorry I overlooked your last message. Yes, there is a basic UI. For me it is enough and I think it should be enough to publish it as well. After all, the important things are the buttons which you use to operate the looper. So I would be fine publishing as is.


Hi @Stevie.
That’s great News!
Looking forward to see the Loopor available as a Stable plugin at the store.


Hey @Stevie,

Thanks for your great work, it’s exactly what I was looking for!

A feature proposal: It would be great to have the ability to quantize the loop length according to the Global tempo… like when you hit play or stop, it would snap to the closest bar. Would be a killer feature that would allow to play in perfect sync with other gear.


I also highly desire to have that functionality. In theory you can offload some of the work to the MIDI quantize plugin already available in the store. If you have a MIDI port on your plugin that can accept messages for record/play, then sticking the quantize plugin in front of your looper should take care of quantizing those operations.

I had started down the road of modifying the SooperLooper with a MIDI port but alas it has been superseded by other life items…


I need a volume or blend control on the looped signal.
How can I do that?
Is it possible to add a “dry kill” switch on the pedal, so one can use several active Loopor’s and mix all signals?
3 or 4 Loopor’s would make a Boomerang… :slight_smile:


You can use combinations of switching utilities to select different loopers or to bypass it.
You’ll need a external board (Midi) to control each of looper buttons since the basic Mod duo only has 2


Yes, I’ve tried that, switching works fine!
That is not the issue.
The problem is that the dry sound gets added up or"doubled up"…


Are you wiring the pedals in series or paralel?
In series the sounds will add.
In parallel they are independent.


@broupe yup, that’s the main problem with it at the moment - no wet-only signal option. That and there being no stereo version. And no feedback control. Or reverse, or half/double speed, or… :slight_smile:

But for now, I’d be happiest with wet-only and a stereo version :slight_smile:


There are many options to make a mono signal go to both outputs.
If I understand right the WET signal is the first recording?
The DRY signal is the input to the Mod Duo?
If so the wires are as so.
Switch 1 is dry signal fed to (4 switch) final out, delay 1, delay 2, delay xx.
switch 2 goes to (4 switch) delay 1, delay 2, delay xx.

In this you record/playback delay 1.
Choice to play dry, overdub 1 or record to Delay 2
Choice to play dry, overdub 2 or record to Delay 3
And so on depending on how presets and midi switching is set up
Stopping / erasing any looper is independent.


Missed switch 1 & 2 are wired to input


No, this is not a switching issue - the wet/dry issue is not wanting any of the signal going into the effect to come out of it until it is looped. That’s a pretty basic function for a looping pedal/device and allows you to post process just the looped content as well as solving the parallel issue highlighted above.

And a mono signal going to both outputs isn’t a stereo looper. I want to loop stereo sound, two channels, left and right, so stereo effects stay intact while being looped :slight_smile:


Hi @broupe, adding the option to have only the dry signal output is easy. I currently have some issues with my compile environment. Will try to get the plugin to build.

A question is if that should be a switch of some mix level?


Hi @solobasssteve, I am not sure if you are talking about the Loopor or some other looper. If Loopor, then it is fully stereo. What am I missing?



Loving loopor! Thanks so much for your work on it!

It works here with separate channels, I’m using it that way to loop guitar on channel 1 and bass frequencies from ‘a little thunder’ pickup on channel 2, loopor is at the end of the chain on the pedalboards I use it with… Perhaps I’m missing something about what @solobasssteve is looking for.

While I’m here I’ll echo the request for LED’s to change color even if only on the ‘activate’ control…

Thanks again!


Hi @stevie

  • adding a drykill switch ( w direct sound muted ) would make it possible to have several loops recording/playing at the same time; …that’s wonderful!
    I would then add a MOD: Stereo Gain after any Loopor to balance & mix sounds…
    Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

a dry/wet blend/mix in the Loopor would, of course, be an outstanding feature!