Looper - Ditto X2


Hi @GMaq, as written above the LED control is sort of not allowed by Mod policy in my understanding. As long as that is the case, I won’t do anything about it. So the request really goes to the Mod Devices Team. I would also love to have it!!!


Hi @broupe, the blend/mix and the switch are equally easy to implement so I will go for the blend. Stay tuned…


Hi @GMaq, @solobasssteve, and @broupe! I have added a new parameter to the Loopor plugin called “Dry Amount”. If set to 1 (the default) the behavior is the same as before. If set to 0, no signal from the input is routed to the output. Any value inbetween will of course only route parts of the input volume to the output.

I have upload the code to the github repository (https://github.com/stevie67/loopor). Also for those who want to try it immediately, there is a binary version there which can be uploaded via curl (see https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Developers for details).

@falkTX: If you are still responsible for that, please upload to the unstable repository. Thanks!

In general since there is a UI (however basic) I think it could probably also go to the stable repository.

Please let me know if it works for you…


Hi @Stevie,

For plugin publishing, promotion and update requests can now be done via their specific forum categories (as explained in this thread ).

It’s actually @jesseverhage who is now the Plugin Keeper.

Looking forward to having the new and improved Loopor on our community repo!


Thanks @dwek, makes sense. I was a bit out of the loop for a while so I missed that. Will make a request tonight!


Aha! Apologies, I’d missed that this thread was about Loopor not the original looper that was in the Duo (my fault for jumping into a resurrected thread without scanning far enough back for context)


yes, it works great! :slight_smile:

I have two separate loopors up and running,
each running into a “MOD stereo gain” so I can mix them independantly “into” the dry signal.

There’s a bit of noise from the gain, and there’s a slight leak when turned completely down
… gain set to -40 to 0.

But definitely a huge step forward! I can use this setup :+1::sunglasses:
… will make a 3-loopor system tomorrow, excited to see how that will work!


I started using this same setup as @broupe described, using the Dub control as a single-button loop controller. This is great because it frees up 1 - 3 buttons on my foot controller depending on my use case compared to using the SooperLooper. Thank you for all of your work on this plugin @Stevie!

1st click starts recording (w/autostart)
2nd click is close loop: play (first play also still records, though…?)
further clicks: overdub
A double-click: stops & erase all.

so, in effect:
a 1-button looper - very nice! 

I’m curious about the behavior of the additional dub that occurs in this mode (using Dub to start the recording), same as @broupe described. I took a look at the code but it wasn’t obvious to me, the state flow seems correct. But for some reason an additional record is triggered once you close the initial loop. Is that what you intended? Can it made to be work so that:

  1. First Dub press starts the initial loop
  2. Second Dub press closes the initial loop and enters playback mode

Subsequent presses of Dub would act as before once a loop is playing.

Live Looping with the Duo (Spring 2018 Edition)

Hi @unbracketed,

there are different buttons which are supposed to be behaving differently. The “dub” button is behaving as you describe. This is sometimes nice to have and was requested by some people. The “activate” button should behave exactly like you want it to. That was the first button I implemented and for me it does exactly that. Please try that one to see if it works for you. Otherwise it would be a bug and I would have to look at it.

In sum there are 5 buttons. Obviously you can use only at most 2 with the Duo, but it should allow everyone to pick their right setup, making it highly configurable.

Hope that helps!


Activate is working for me in this mode - thank you for the quick reply!


…been revisiting Loopor, and the one thing that kills it for me just now is that it can stay in overdub… is there a reason why it only ever overdubs a single layer and then switches off? That’s not a function I’ve ever found in any hardware looper, and it’s not one I can ever imagine finding a use for :slight_smile:

Now that it has the dry amount control, undo and redo, and is stereo, with a continuous overdub, I’d be using it on everything :slight_smile:


slightly OT: am i right that there’s still no looper for the MOD which will sync to the MOD host tempo? this would be an unfortunate limitation, especially for the Duo X, which has external MIDI sync.


…the dub button looping and going straight into overdub is a huge bonus here, but I still can’t seem to work around the overdub closing at the loop boundary every time… A switch to turn that function off would be REALLY amazing :slight_smile:


if anyone has more time than me to test this a comment on the pull request would be great.


My skills don’t extend to integrating github and my Duo, but THANK YOU!! It’s been an amazing week for Duo discoveries for me, after having it for so long, I love that it’s evolving at such a pace (my Lexicon MPX-G2 had one chip upgrade in 20 years, which added a ring modulator and pretty much nothing else :wink: )

doing the happy Steve dance


User interface designer here. I’d love to design a UI for this pedal so it can get an official 1.0 release.

I cloned the repo to get a feel for the experience, but when I ran :

curl -F "package=@loopor.lv2.tgz"

to install the plugin, I’m getting a no plugins found error:

{"installed": [], "removed": [], "ok": false, "error": "No plugins found in bundle"}

If someone can point me in the right direction for installing loopor, I’ll get started on the UI.


same here… try

cat loopor.lv2.tgz | base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'

note, however… it does have a siomple UI (boxy, cyan). maybe best to check with the maintainer via GitHub before digging in to this


Worked perfectly @devcurmudgeon, thank you! Absolutely, I’ll reach out to @Stevie.


Yay, looper UIs! This is great, and good timing because I’m working on a blog post(s) about using loopers with the Duo.

I like using Loopor and would be glad to test any updates.


Hey tolmark, great that you’re digging into this. Did you try it with my additions? Stevie didn’t comment on them yet, and I haven’t had time to actually test them. If you are and anything seems out of sorts please reach out to me and let me know.