Looper - Ditto X2


Wouw man I am blown away by all your knowledge on this forum. man amazing!

I do like to work with loopers and my oldtime favourit Looper is and will be the Boomerang Phase Sampler III. Although it sounds very strange, i have never had the opportunity to use one. by all have researched on this device / and seen it working . It has the most valuable tools for me. Main one is to record loops out of sync and create true ambient flow music - this with my didgeridoo, singing bowls, koshi chimes etc. Ofcourse when using my guitar / saxophone etc being in sync with a rhythm box is essential but with my Deep Sound Sessions being of sync and able to flow record the loops is essential.

I by no means have any coding qualities etc at all, yet I wise this shared experience and view is of some use. But perhaps you guys get inspired by this Ultimate phase looper - Boomerang Phase III looper.

Musical happy greetings,


Hi all,
I’ve been working on a new audio looper that synchronises with global BPM on the Duo - basically I need something that can sync multiple guitar loops to a click track with a live drummer.

The result is ALO. I’m using the x42 Step Sequencer to generate the click track:

Currently ALO doesn’t have a GUI, and should be considered alpha/beta only. I hope this is of interest to other MOD Duo users.



beautiful… i will definitely be checking this out!


Yay another looper! I’ll gladly test and use this because I’ve been wanting one with the time syncing.


So… can I put multiple ALOs together and have them all sync’d to each other?
In essence making a multitrack looper like the Boss RC-505 or EHX 95000?


each alo is a multi-track looper… up to six loops per instance. but yes, you could run 2 or more instances and they should (mostly) sync… there is one ‘phrase start’ per alo