Looperlative - LP3 Basic

This is a plugin that wants deep integration with the hardware as a target, so one requirement from the author was to be able to control things on the device side (plugin reports current state that way).
This is the so called “HMI Widgets” introduced in v1.11, and why you cannot install looperlative unless you have updated to that first.

For v1.12 we plan to bring this feature to the Duo X, so in theory it should be supported on the Duo X by then as well.

But another reason was simply resources. We “finished” the last few details on December 24th, already on time that was supposed to be dedicated for holidays.
We saw a couple of small quirks that need fixing, but we will deal with them later on.

We really wanted to push looperlative as a plugin on the platform before the holidays, hopefully that is appreciated.

PS: the library is already split, the “hardware bypass” plugin is not available on the dwarf, only on duo and duox. the dwarf does not have such feature in the actual hardware


Looking forward to trying this out in the future - when it becomes available for the duoX or when I get my dwarf - whichever comes first!

Thanks to all involved!

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Is there a rough timeline of when 1.12 might happen (acknowledging that 1.11 has only just dropped :joy:)?

Just so I know whether to set my LP1 back up again on wait till I can use the LP3 plug in :slightly_smiling_face:


Regarding the documentation and how to use the multifunction buttons. There will be documentation in the form of a pdf manual which is not ready yet. I imagine we will also make a video explaining how to use it. For now perhaps we could share the behaviour diagrams we used in the specification @jesse ? Just to give people the idea while better documentation is being made


I also have a great deal of concern around the apparent “we’re focusing on development for Dwarf” trend I am seeing. :frowning:

There seems to be a willingness to push major features and offerings that don’t work across the whole platform. As a technology person… this belies some internal choices that are very, very concerning.

I agree.
But I don’t want to make too much of the issue. If features like hardware bypass are not across both units, I think that’s understandable, as they are physically different units. Also, there is no way to control third party development.

Having said all that, my Mod Duo X has been sitting on the shelf for 6+ months, because my purposes require tight midi-sync and delay time calculations. These kinds of bugs of course take time to correct, so I am patiently waiting, while the Duo collects dust.

I am referring to these kinds of things.

It’s not really a “focus”. A lot of features and plugins were offered on the crowdfunding campaigns of the MOD Dwarf that are not yet available for it. We are a small team and there is no “MOD Dwarf team” and “MOD DuoX team” so, it’s a matter of timing when both devices required special attention. Common…1.12 is the number after 1.11, so that means that we will make it available for the MOD DuoX in the next version. Another option would be to hold on to the MOD Dwarf so we also had the DuoX versions ready…in what would this be beneficial? This way we can even have a more controlled test and then place all the improvements in the next release for all the devices.


I think what they are trying to say indirectly is that the plugin would still be useful even without the new integrated features of v1.11+Dwarf.

Which would be quite correct.
We will try to make the plugin available for the other units soon.

I still have to say that it helps the development and testing to have 1 single version to focus on. Once we get the modgui integration complete and known bugs fixed, we will push for Duo and Duo X builds. It is up to the plugin author to make the final decision though.


I’ll have a word with Bob :grin:


I can’t manage to record synced to the host bpm, like I do with ALO looper. Hope it will be explained in the future documentation. If anybody knows how to do that please tell me!

It sounds resonable.

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Thanks for the information about TTAP. I bought it right away. It is a great and very mighty PlugIn. I love it already, although I don not understand all of it.


I just released my first track using TTAP - track 2 on this album. There are three instances of it on the board I used :blush:


Hi everybody !
I just purchased the lp3 basic and gave it a first try in selfsync mode. I love it !
The 2 tracks/ 2phrases ergonomy is almost perfect for my needs.
The only fonctions that I would like but didn’t find are an « all strat/stop » button and a « trigger mode » to start the recording of the first phrase at the very beggining of the first note.
Do you think this type of improvments can be add to this plugin ?

Thank you a lot for all the work you do.


I just bought the TTAP. Very nice first impressions!
I was looking for more info on this. There is a manual of K-Devices Phoenix series of plug-ins (of which TTAP is a part of). The MOD version of the TTAP has a slightly different layout: basically, our top row of controllers is moved to the middle of the version in the manual. But it looks pretty much the same.
I have yet to check it out myself. Here is the link.


If you like K-Devices, there us the WOV plugin as well.

I’m hoping their modulators plugins eventually get ported in


I’m trying to run a midi keyboard through the looperlative into the dexed… and not getting any midi signal to make it through through the looperlative… also tried with a couple other synths from the generators category of pedals. They work fine when going around the looperlative, nothing when going through it. I’ve messed around with the midi port options in both the looperlative settings as well as the GUI. Am I missing something obvious??

Edit: I just moved it to later in the chain and put the post-generator audio out into it rather than midi to loop that channel, but I feel like I actually want the midi going through it for some purposes…

there is zero reason why a midi signal needs to go through looperlative.
afaik the midi port output in there is for having a a few looperlatives synced with one another.


Do you want to play MIDI sequences to the dexed with the LP3 (audio looper) or just pass the signal from the LP3 MIDI signal to the dexed?
This is not possible with the LP3, for this you would need a MIDI recorder or a sequencer with a MIDI input which are - currently - not yet available for the mod.
I hope that something like this will come. :christmas_tree: :firecracker: :tada: :confetti_ball:


Can this looper be set up to start recording at the beginning of the next measure (synced with the device) a loop of a predefined length (in the way the ALO looper does it)? I messed around with the trial version a bit but couldn’t find an obvious way to do this, and I haven’t tried really hard because the ALO looper exists. I wouldn’t mind ‘upgrading’ to the Looperlative plugin - especially because the perpetual beta status of ALO is slightly concerning - but the traditional ‘guitar stompbox looper’ workflow isn’t really what I’m looking for.

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